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Home guard_Anmol_Sami

No description


on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Home guard_Anmol_Sami

Home guard_Anmol_Sami
So what did the girls do?
You might think they only stayed at home cooking and looking after the children...Well your right! But that was before the men realized how useful they were! In fact they were a real novelty because they helped out on the farms growing crops and making life easier.
Did you know that home guards got injured badly too. In fact some of the injuries where very bad like a huge splinter in your skin piercing through your skin tissues touching your bone or going to a gym and tripping over mat and smashing your face on the floor losing all of your teeth and smashing your self on a table in the middle of a lecture.
What where the home guards?
The home guards where the people who where left behind from fighting in the war. And did stuff like patrol the factories, protect the aerodomes they also cleared debries and rescued people who where trapped in them.
Home guards injuries
Smooth wall
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