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No description

Katie B

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Cyberbully

Facts What is cyberbullying?
What to do? Are you a cyberbully? Preventing cyberbulling Cyberbulling is people who send mean-
messages, emails, and putting things on the
internet. If you forward thing from your family,
or friends without permission, you're
starting to become a cyberbully. Dont give people your password, address, full name and phone number. Save the evidence. Google yourself once in a while, see what people say about you. Who are Cyberbullies? Cyberbullying -Girls are twice as likely to be the cyberbully. -Most common bullying are on chat rooms, social-
networking sites, email,texting, and instant-
messaging. -Cyberbulling is when teens use phones,
and the internet. 1. stop, get a drink of water, or walk around 2. Block 3. tell an adult you can trust. Sending or putting mean things about
someone on the internet you are a
-People who are immature,
-people who have been bullied themselves
-hate groups who like to cyberbully Why do we Cyberbully?
-for fun
-jealousy By:Katie Bergum -Once Something is out on the internet, you can't
cyberbulling -Your unique like everyone else
-Feel good about yourself
-Have a good life
-Don't hurt others!
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