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2017 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award List

No description

Sherri Malget

on 21 June 2017

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Transcript of 2017 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award List

2017 Oklahoma Sequoyah
Book Award List
A Review of the Master List as a Prezi

Which book will be your favorite?
Read at least 3 books from the Master List
Vote in February, 2017
By: Lynne Cox
By: Rodman Philbrick
By: Adriana Brad Schanen
DASH - By: Kirby Larson
By: Kathryn Gibbs Davis
Eleven-year-old Ellie Cruz's life changes dramatically when her mother brings a teenage boy home one night and she learns it is her estranged grandfather. Melvin is a scientist who has figured out how to reverse aging and is now 13 again. Tensions are high between Melvin and his adult daughter, Ellie's mother, but Ellie feels like she now has the opportunity to really get to know her grandfather. Her interest in science blossoms, and she is eager to help Melvin retrieve the jellyfish specimen he used in his experiments so he can publish his discovery. Fascinated, Ellie learns about the work of Jonas Salk, Robert Oppenheimer, and Marie Curie. But as she learns more, she realizes that scientific discoveries often have unforeseen consequences.
ARCADY'S GOAL - By: Eugene Yelchin
By: Holly Schindler
This is a story about Auggie Jones, a girl who is full of spunk. She lives with her Grandpa Gus in Missouri. Life is just about perfect for Auggie until the small school she attends closes and she has to go to another school nearby. At her new school, she meets Victoria whose family is wealthy. Victoria's father starts a House Beautification Committee, which deems homes like Auggie's "in violation." Auggie comes up with a plan to make her neighborhood beautiful, but it doesn't exactly meet the Committee's guidelines.
HALF A CHANCE By: Cynthia Lord
Prezi Created by:
Sherri Malget
Library Media Specialist
Hawthorne Elementary
September 8, 2016
RAIN REIGN - By: Ann M. Martin
Autistic eleven-year-old Rose lives with her single dad, who doesn't have the resources, material or emotional, to be a parent. Luckily her uncle Weldon has her back; she's soothed by her ongoing collection of homonyms; and she has Rain, her dog--until Hurricane Susan, during which Rain disappears.
The Night Gardener
by Jonathan Auxier
Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas
by Lynne Cox
Mr. Ferris and His Wheel
by Kathryn Gibbs Davis
The Fourteenth Goldfish
by Jennifer L. Holm
by Kirby Larson
Half a Chance
by Cynthia Lord
Rain Reign
by Ann M. Martin
Super Sniffers: Dog Detectives on the Job
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina
by Rodman Philbrick
The Doll Graveyard
by Lois Ruby
Quinny & Hopper
by Adriana Brad Schanen
The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky
by Holly Schindler
Eliza Bing is (Not) a Big, Fat Quitter
by Carmella Van Vleet
The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond
by Brenda Woods
Arcady’s Goal
by Eugene Yelchin
It's almost time for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, and American architects are hoping to design a star attraction to rival the French Eiffel Tower. Mechanical engineer George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. has a daring idea: a huge, round, moving structure made from steel, a new metal unrivaled in both lightness and strength. After overcoming obstacles ranging from mockery to quicksand, Ferris and his team finally complete their wheel, which delights fairgoers and goes on to become a staple of fairgrounds around the world. The focus in this story is less on the Chicago World's Fair and more on the process involved in building a mechanical marvel. Details such as why support structures were necessary and how tension wheels work will engage emerging engineers, while those with a less scientific bent can nevertheless appreciate the excitement felt by the Ferris Wheel's very first passengers.
A dog's nose is 300 times more powerful than a human nose, so it's no wonder that dogs use their incredibly advanced sense of smell to do some very important jobs. Dorothy Hinshaw Patent explores the various ways specific dogs have put their super sniffing ability to use: from bedbug sniffers to explosive detectors to life-saving allergy detectors . . . and more. This dynamic photo-essay includes first-hand accounts from the people who work closely with these amazing dogs.

This graveyard hides buried dolls...and buried secrets!

The house at Cinder Creek hides many secrets. Shelby and Brian Tate have heard heated voices crying out in the night. They've noticed the unsettling way things move around on their own. But the most chilling thing about their new home is the cemetery someone's built out back. The graves are tiny, only big enough for dolls.


Soon Shelby's learning all about them. Betsy Anne's angelic appearance hides a raging fire behind her eyes, while Baby Daisy changes faces as quickly as she changes moods. And Miss Amelia's cracked porcelain skin and twisted lips only hint at the pain she once endured at the hands of a very angry girl. If Shelby can help the dolls find peace, she and her family might actually be happy at Cinder Creek. But if she can't--the dolls will have their revenge....
By: Carmella Van Vleet
A girl who has trouble following through finds a reason to stick with her martial arts class. Eleven-year-old Eliza Bing will do anything to take a cake-decorating summer class with her friend Tony. Unfortunately, Eliza has a history of quitting new activities, and her parents tell her no. Determined to change their minds, Eliza negotiates a deal: If she finishes a taekwondo class over the summer, she can take the baking class in the fall. With no interest in martial arts, Eliza, who has ADHD, has created a real challenge for herself. The dobok robe is hot and scratchy, and the Korean words are impossible to pronounce. She even has to practice with Madison, the beautiful cheerleader who has bullied Eliza in the past. But Eliza realizes the biggest obstacle to her success is her own difficulty focusing. While striving to finish the martial arts class in order to frost cakes in the future, Eliza discovers a new strength she never knew she had. Will Eliza be able to finish the class when an unexpected injury jeopardizes her chance to prove her persistence to her parents? The anticipation builds as her yellow-belt exam quickly approaches.
THE NIGHT GARDENER - By: Jonathan Auxier
Riding atop the [cart's] bench were two children, a girl and a boy, both with striking red hair. The girl was named Molly, and the boy, her brother, was Kip. And they were riding to their deaths." Or so it seems. The siblings have landed in England during the midst of the Irish Potato Famine. Waiting for their parents to rejoin them, they have found work at the once-proud Windsor family's stately but decrepit mansion in the countryside. The house appears to exert a malevolent force on its inhabitants, and the children gradually become aware of this evil and its increasing danger, most especially the Night Gardener, who saps the living of their life force to feed the wish-granting tree.
Can you imagine living in a city with an enormous elephant seal in residence? Once upon a time in New Zealand, an elephant seal took up residence in the shallow Avon River and sunned herself in the parks and on the sides of the roads there. No matter how many times the humans roped her and towed her back to the open ocean, she would find her way back to the place she loved: the city of Christchurch.
A boy's visit to meet his great-grandmother for the first time turns into a nightmare when Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. Twelve-year-old Zane has not known many family members other than his mother; after she makes contact with his deceased father's grandmother, Zane travels to the oppressively humid city. When New Orleans is placed under a mandatory evacuation, Zane and his great-grandmother leave with his dog, Bandy, and her pastor; when Bandy is spooked by growling Dobermans, he leaps from the car, followed by Zane. Zane and Bandy endure the hurricane's landfall and the failure of the levees at his great-grandmother's house until they meet a young girl, Malvina, and her guardian, Tru. The trio canoes through the snake-infested waters seeking assistance. Arriving in a neighborhood protected by privately hired security forces leads to vicious threats from the armed guards, who are loading helicopters stuffed with rugs and other expensive items. After their canoe is stolen, they head to the chaos of the Superdome and eventually to a bridge connecting the city to Algiers, in which they hope to find Tru's cousin. Will they ever survive Hurricane Katrina and get home?
For twelve-year-old Arcady, soccer is more than just a game—it is a means of survival. Scoring goals wins Arcady food rations and respect at the orphanage for the children of the enemies of the Soviet state. But Arcady wants out, and he is determined to achieve his goal. In Soviet Russia, achieving one’s goal always comes with strings attached, but Arcady never expected those strings to tug at his heart.

Eight-year-old Quinny reluctantly moves from New York City to the "middle of nowhere," also known as Whisper Valley. On arrival, she decides that the new town and anything involving the new house are no fun. Longing for a new friend, she introduces herself to Hopper, the boy next door who "appears to be her size." Hopper is a little leery about having a girl for a friend, yet he is enamored with Quinny's big smile and "cheeks with holes." When they get together,this twosome have endless adventures, such as trying to catch Freya, the chicken; climbing trees; and juggling. It isn't until mean Victoria comes around spouting her rules for third grade that Quinny questions her friendship with Hopper. According to Victoria, boys play with boys and girls play with girls. Meanwhile, Hopper is dreading the prospect of returning to school for another friendless year. Little do the two know that school holds surprises for both of them.
11-year old Violet Diamond is struggling with her biracial identity. Violet is the daughter of an African-American (Black) father, who died in a car accident two months before she was born, and a white, blonde haired mother. She and her family live in a Seattle suburb that is largely white. Violet feels angry and confused because people are puzzled when they see her with her white family. When she has a dream about her father, Violet reaches out to establish a relationship with her paternal grandmother and her father's family, that she has never met. Does race matter? What makes a family? How does it feels to be different? And what does it mean to be biracial? "To white people," Violet thinks, "I'm half black. To black people, I'm half white.... Is that what I am, a percentage?"
Mitsi is happy with her life in Seattle, with her family, her friends, her teacher, and, most of all, her white dog, Dash. But after Pearl Harbor is bombed, life takes a turn for Mitsi’s Japanese American family, and they are forced to leave everything they know for an internment camp, including one special member of the household—Dash the dog. This heartfelt story brings close what a girl like Mitsi would have experienced: the loss of friendships, dizzying change, and fear of the future. But for Mitsi, perhaps the hardest thing to bear is missing Dash. Fortunately, a kind neighbor agrees to take him in, and soon she is receiving letters from him that brighten her world. Based on a true story of a girl who had to leave her dog, this book helps readers understand the hardship that Japanese American citizens endured while at the same time offering a story of one girl with relatable hopes and worries. What also comes through is how a strong family can pull together in the worst of circumstances
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Which book will be your favorite?
Twelve-year old Lucy and her parents have moved from an apartment in Boston to a lakeside cottage in New Hampshire, and her father, a prominent nature photographer, is immediately off to Arizona for a photo shoot. Her apprehension over fitting in at a new school is relieved when she is welcomed by Nate, whose family is spending the summer with his grandmother in the house next door. Kayaking, hiking, and loon-monitoring with Nate, Lucy chronicles their experiences using her own budding talent for photography. When she learns that his Grandma Lilah's failing health is keeping her from observing her beloved loon family up close, she and Nate devise a plan to rent a motorized raft to take her out on the lake. Their plan, however, involves a deception-Lucy will use Nate's name to enter a photo contest to be judged by her father. Lucy struggles with her feelings toward her self-centered father, rivalry in the face of new friendships, and an ethical dilemma in her decision to enter the contest and to use, against Nate's will, a photo which captures his grandmother's dementia. Learn a bit about photography, and consider whether you should use your creative talent for good or ill.
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