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MKHS Dance Arts Department

VAPA/dance department presentation for Mark Keppel High School.


on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of MKHS Dance Arts Department

Please see Mr. Arroyo in the MKHS Dance Studio for additional details & information
Dance Courses
Did You Know That MKHS Dance Students...
Wear a dance uniform and dance shoes

Memorize dance vocabulary words & definitions

Write essays and create projects about dance

Study the history and development of popular dance styles, influential choreographers, and their cultural impact on society

Perform for classmates, our school, and the public

Can earn membership into the National Honors Society for Dance Arts
Dance Company
(Dance Team & All Male)

Learn Basic Dance Techniques
(ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary,
street dance & basic acro-gymnastics)
Refine Intermediate-Advanced Dance Technique
& Learn Choreographic Skills
(enrollment requires instructor approval)
Producing Professional Dance Performances
for Competitions & the Concert Stage
(enrollment by audition only)
Honors Dance Company
(Dance Team & All Male)

Producing Professional Dance Performances for Competitions & the Concert Stage
(enrollment by audition only)
Dance 1-4
Dance Design (Dance 3-8)
Performance Styles
Competition Levels
U.S. Nationals
Hip Hop
Stand Battle


National Honor Society for Dance Arts
Induction candidates must have at least a 3.0 GPA (cumulative) following the end of 1st semester of their senior year in high school
4 semesters of 3.0 GPA or above

Donate 20-hours of "dance arts community service" per semester

Participate in at least one dance department field trip per school year

Perform in at least one dance department concert over the course of their high school career at MKHS.

Attend club meetings twice a month during lunch.
Student members of the
National Honor Society for Dance Arts
receive an official induction certificate during their senior year, as well as an honor cord to wear with their cap & gown at graduation from MKHS. This prestigious award also looks great on college apps!
MKHS Dance Company
All photos in this presentation featured MKHS students!
For students with intermediate/advanced skills in dance technique & choreography. Perform in arts festivals, dance competitions, and produce their own professional-level dance concert!
MKHS Dance Company
2016 U.S. National Champions
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