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nathaniel made this but im not using this so its not imporetantr im not deleting it but donty mess with it oh by rthe way im noyt bdeleijmng any words sand im not looking sat my spellioing sio ko ok bye

Chris Santos

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of Potlatch

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What occasions?
how long it did it take to plan???
up to 3 years! potlatches lasted up to 3 weeks!
why were they banned?
they were banned because catholic missionarys and people in england found giving away items wastefull and strange.
potlatch was a festival held on special occasions.

Potlatch Social studieds project. Nathaniel Newman period 3
how were potlatches announced?
natives would ride ceremonial canoes with dancers in bird and animal costumes.
weddings, marrages, birth, death, adoption, and others.
potlatch feasts were known for greasy foods
foods aten at potlatches were also fruits and nuts.
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