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World War II in North Africa

No description

Sam Kadezabek

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of World War II in North Africa

Algeria Libya Egypt Morocco Tunisia Significant
North African
Events of WWII Important
North African
In WWII Suez Canal The Suez Canal was used by the Allies to move supplies, men, equipment, and raw materials quickly throughout WW2. Morocco:
Operation Torch - November 8, 1942 Both American and British
forces land in Morocco
using amphibious vehicles. Italian forces invade
Eastern Egypt from
Western Libya North African Campaign
Operation Torch
Invasion of Egypt The Italian military forces greatly outnumbered the British forces in Egypt
Italians moved into Egypt in the beginning of September in 1940
The remainder of the Italian army retreated to Bardia in Cyrenaica
Britain knew where the Italians had gone and they wanted revenge.
On January 3, the British attacked the Italians and forced them to surrender Oran Algiers Casablanca Egypt:
Invasion by Italy- September 13, 1940 An invasion by the allies into French North Africa
The plan was to have the allies invade Sicily and then move up to the mainland of Italy
-If successful, the Mediterranean Sea would be clear of the Axis power
The allies also planned to invade Morocco and Algeria
-Under French rule
Allies wanted to gain cooperation from the French army
American general, Mark Clark
Casablanca, Oran and Algiers.
Approaching the French while trying to avoid war did not work out as planned
French fired at ships and planes of the allies
The first large scale American airborne drop was when the US 509th dropped the Parachute Regiment
These landings threatened the French government and soon Algiers surrendered The North African Campaign One of the most important battles during World War 2 The Mediterranean The British had major land ownership along the Mediterranean which was crucial when it came to trade. This land was a main target and a major cause of the war in North Africa http://bcove.me/uc5cxkuz Land was crucial!
Countries in Europe, Italy, Germany, France, and Great Britain, all had land ownership in parts of North Africa
One country always wanted what another one had
Axis forces had been fighting with the British and France when Italy and Germany combined forces
All battles were for land
Italy and Germany had a 100,000 man army and were determined to claim all the land that was owned by other countries
Axis had their eye on the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal
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