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Don't kill the birthday girl

No description

fa lee

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Don't kill the birthday girl

Terms Mononucleosis-An abnormally high proportion of monocytes in the blood.
Linoleum-A material consisting of a canvas backing coated with linseed oil and powdered cork, used esp. as a floor covering.
cultivating-Break up (soil) in preparation for sowing or planting.
aberrant-Diverging from the normal type
Cynicism-a cynical feeling of distrust
Rebel-A person who rises in armed resistance against an established government or ruler.
anaphylaxis-An extreme, often life-threatening, allergic reaction to an antigen (e.g., a bee sting) to which the body has become hypersensitive...
catchphrases-a well know sentence or phrase
antibodys-blood proteins
epinephrine-a hormone secreted by the andrenal glands
antihistamine-a drug
carbohydrates-any large group of compounds
mimosa-a pea-family plant
vaginitis-immflamation of the vagina
majestic-showing beauty
allergies-a damaging immune response
sociological-the study of social problems
vegetarian-a person who dont eat meat
protocol-behavior in any group
kahului-on the island of maui
Summary The book don't kill the birthday girl is mainly about steps inside the story of a modern young woman coming to terms with a potentially deadly disorder.The girl who has allergies is named Sandra,she has severe food allergies. Sandra Beasley relates what her life was and is like, growing up with food allergies so severe she had to be hospitalized on several occasions and narrowly escaped hospitalization on many more. Opinion By:Sandra Beasley Don't kill the birthday girl My opinion of this book is that it was very interesting to read about a girl who has food allergies.Also,that
I was drawn to Sandra Beasley's account of her own struggles with allergies.This book was interesting but i thought it would be more exciting ,yet i was wrong i fell asleep alot while reading this book. Character analysis Sandra Beasley
has suffered from food allergies her entire life.Her allergies include dairy,soy,beef,shrimp,cucumbers,cantaloupe,mango,cashews,swordfish,and mustard.
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