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One Size Does Not Fit All: Meeting the Needs of Students via Several Podcast Solutions

BbWorld 2011

Erin Soles

on 26 August 2011

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Transcript of One Size Does Not Fit All: Meeting the Needs of Students via Several Podcast Solutions

Supported Content Types for Streaming Real Media (.rm, .ra, .rv)
Windows Media (.wmv, .wma)
MP3 (.mp3)
QuickTime (.mov)
MPEG-4 (.mp4) Additional Supported Content Types for HTTP Delivery Flash Video (.flv) Content Security Authorized users can add, modify, delete files
Anyone can view via URL
Only Real Media files protected from copying Content Storage Users receive 500 MB of storage
More available by request Accessing & Playing Content Link to content via URL for streaming & HTTP delivery
Embedded Media HTML Generator: http://cit.ucsf.edu/embedmedia/step1.php
Content requested via browser is launched in the appropriate media player
(determined by computer, not by Helix server) Commonly Installed Players RealPlayer (.rm, .ra, .rv, .mp3, .mp4)
Windows Media Player (.wmv, .wma, .mp3, .mp4)
QuickTime Player (.mov, , .mp3, .mp4)
Flash Player (.flv) Instructors at UNF have a single iTunesU account which persists across Blackboard courses which makes it easy to share media between courses.

Media are organized within iTunesU using groups.

In Blackboard you can link directly to a group or a particular media item within content areas. Podcasting Solution for the UNF NAP Highlights Enhanced efficiency with H.323 addressing
Podcast producer workflows integrate with Tandberg
Automated workflows process, post and notify participants
Storage of large files moved off of Blackboard servers. http://www.unf.edu/cirt/bb/bbtools/Tools_-_iTunesU.aspx UNF iTunes U instructions Learning Objects Podcast LX 3.0 Used primarily by faculty to add self created content to Blackboard courses and to allow students to retrive content via RSS and/or iTunes. Getting ready to test Learning Objects 4.0 for possible implementation in Fall 2012
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