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Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome

No description

Brian Roberts

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Italy
Tibur River 509 BC
Romans take
power the ancient people who settled
in Italy & created an empire is about Etruscans The Roman Republic Patricians
soldiers Plebeians
small farmers Republic representative government 2 consuls Senate Assembly Praetor Dictator The Republic extended
the area around the
Mediterranean. Plebeians gained rights
for a while Rise of an Empire the rich get richer and the poor get poorer corruption in
the senate riots Reform Caesar Gracchus brothers land reform poor to work Augustus Pax Romana Expansion & Peace A trading empire Roads & Bridges 1st Emperor The Long Decline Economic Causes Population decline High taxes poor move to cities Bread and Circuses Social Causes decline in values no leadership from patricians mercenaries Military Causes Invaders! Visigoths Vandals Saxons & Angles Huns Political Causes 293AD Diocletian divided the Empire into East & West Civil war Constantine ruled the strong Eastern Empire Rise of a Religion Christianity begins numerous emperors some crazy The end.. 410--Visigoths
invade Rome 476--Odoacer proclaims
himself king Although the Eastern Roman
Empire continues for another 1000 years, the west plunges into the dark ages... Aqueducts Hadrian's wall The Appian way Rome gets bigger & bigger Punic Wars imperialism
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