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What is Model United Nations?

A brief overview of the greatest form of debate

Mark Mahvi

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of What is Model United Nations?

What is Model
United Nations? An overview of the most exciting style of debate Understanding Model UN Formal
International Formal Academic International The Gavel Governed by a set of formal rules
known as: Parliamentary
Procedure Focus on United Nations committees But also includes: ie: Disarmament and International Security Committee Economic and Social Councils
Regional Fora
National Cabinets
Major Corporations
Historical Simulations
Ships voyaging around the world ... ? Immense preparation and planning
goes into every conference Requires focused research beforehand
and quick thinking at conference Marathon of Academic Debate At the Core Model United Nations is a ...
... structured ...
... simulation ...
... of a body of decision making body...
... with international importance. Procedure What is Parliamentary Procedure? It is the set of formal rules and customs that govern the course of debate How does it work? The use of points and motions by delegates involved in the debate But what
on earth is a
point or motion?! You will see shortly when we simulate a committee during
PUNCh! Assistant Chair The Chair Moderator Enforce the rules of Parliamentary Procedure

Guide the debate of the committee

Often the same person as the chair Senior member of the Dais

Substantive leader of the committee

Responsible for all non-procedural decisions Aid with substantive and
procedural matters

Help moderate debate

Facilitate the introduction of documents

Committee PROBLEM DEBATE SOLUTION Nuclear proliferation! Lack of clean water Inefficiency of peacekeepers Excessive trade of
Small Arms & Light Weapons Expanding sovereign debt Inhumane treatment of detainees Piracy on the Seas The Status of Palestine Resolution Directive Questions? Reminders PUNCh MUNCh Regular meetings An overview of Parliamentary Procedure
Right here! Right now! A simulation of a full committee session
Saturday, 20 October 2012
10am to 2pm
Reynolds Club, South Lounge Every Wednesday at 7pm
Harper 130 Post-Colonial Hangovers Protecting minorities Prosecuting heads of states Crisis AC's Do everything a traditional AC does -- and more!
Prepare background and crisis materials for conference
Make speeches, give updates, film videos
Respond to delegate crisis notes
Direct line of communication between Chair and CD Crisis Directors Senior members of crisis committee staff

Create and execute crisis plans

Work from a separate "crisis room" with the majority of AC's STAFF
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