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Santa Maria Volcano Guatemala

No description

alberto romero

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Santa Maria Volcano Guatemala

By: Alberto Romero
Santa Maria Volcano Guatemala
It is a stratovolcano in the southwestern Guatemalan volcanic highlands.
It has a group of 4 lava domes formed at the foot of the volcano that where formed 20 years after the devastating 1902 eruption.
One of the current active domes is called "El Caliente" it is the site of regular ash and gas explosions.
The high lands where formed by the subduction of the Coco's plate under the Carribean plate, which resultedin the formation of a line of stratovolcanos.
Plate Tectonics
The oldest lava flows that make up the volcano are approximetly 30,000 years old.
In 1902 Santa Maria volcano experienced one the biggest eruptions in the twentieth century.
"El Caliente" was formed after the 1929 Dome collapse
Activity has been restricted to "El Caliente" dme since 1975, do to its regular ash and gas eruptions
It has had large eruptions and pyroclastic flows in 1973,1989, and its most recent in 2010
"El Caliente"
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