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japan earthquake march 2011

A prezi on the tsunami and earthquake of Japan.

fred smith

on 13 January 2017

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Transcript of japan earthquake march 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
The Japanese tsunami was a terrible
event that impacted many people, organizations, and things in the environment. In this Prezi, you will learn how this tragedy effected 4 different categories, political, environmental, economic, and social. Z
Since part of Japan was flooded, most things in the tsunami's path got destroyed, including over 70 000 trees! Also, there was lots of harmful chemicals released into the air when the wave hit some of the nuclear power plants. V
The Japanese government did (and continues to) pay
over $235 000 000 000 to rebuild. That is a lot of money! It is estimated to take over 5 years to reconstruct the parts of the country that have been devastated by these unfortunate events. A
On lots of social media sites such as Twitter,
Facebook, and lots of other websites you have
probably heard about.(Remember Romyk's
presentation?) Out in the streets of Japan, there
were tons of angry protesters demanding answers
from the government, too. R

After the chemicals were released, the government
was trying to cover it up. Anyhow, the people of Japan
had great anxiety, and they were getting angry at the government. S
by: Spencer, Romyk, Zach, Abbey, and Veronika!!!!



Now here is our news report with the information on the rest of the tragedy.
It Was Big.
There Was Water.
It Cost Money.
It Was On The Internet.
There Were Chemicals.
The End.
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