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Project Life of Lissy Julieth Bonilla Rivera

No description

Angela Preciado Camacho

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Project Life of Lissy Julieth Bonilla Rivera

My Project Life
When I was a child...
I used to spend more
time with my father
I like/ I don´t like
I like
I am good at/ I am not good at
Now in this moment
My Expectations
I am going to graduate on December
About Me
I am Lissy Julieth Bonilla Rivera, I am seventeen years old. I was born in Bogotá on July 26th of 1996. I live in Nilo, El Progreso neighborhood. I am studing in the Oreste Sindici. I live with my father: Guillermo, my mother: Gloria, my brother: David and my daughter Mariana.

I used to play ''la lleva'', ''escondite'', etc
I skated
I was shy
I rode a bike
I don´t like
I am good at
I am not good at
I am studying in the Oreste Sindici, I am in 11 grade. I am studying (Gestion Ambiental) in The Sena, on saturdays I work for my project grade, I am stand time with my daughter Mariana, I clean my house on the weekend.
Monday and friday I study since 7:00 am until 1:30 pm; and tuesday, wednesday and thursday until 3:30 pm. Then I share time with Mariana and sometimes I sleep when I don´t have slept fine.
I will study "cosmetology"
next year
In Girardot in The Sena
Next year
Because I like it
With effort and dedication
After I will work next
I want work for to buy a house and a car and to travel abroad with my family, after 3 years.
Physical Description
I am short and thin, my skin is brunette, my hair is long, black and straight, my eyes are dark brown, my eyesbrowns are thin, I am cranky, honest, friendly... I am only.
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