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Welcome to Social Psychology

No description

Dr. H. C. Sinclair

on 23 August 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to Social Psychology

Dr. H. Colleen Sinclair
with Jessica Utley

Introduction to Social Psychology
Office: 178 Multi-tenant Bldg
Phone: 325-9166**
E-mail: Best to use website Tools
Skype: "hicosin"
Twitter: @MSUSocialPsy
Instagram: @h.colleen.sinclair
What is Social Psychology?
Contact Information
What isn't?
From "common sense" to social neuroscience

Ordinary Personology & Everyday Events
When you want to understand people, you want to know about social psychology
What are we going to talk about?
What are we going to do?
Lectures or Talks? I have a theme...
Be sure to take notes!

B = f(P,E)
Current Events
Social Brains
Mind reading (and Cons)
Our "Selves"
Good & Evil
Love & Hate
Sample of topics...
Yes, you need it
Yes, you will be tested on content
Your First Reading
Check your schedule for other readings: Like Chapter 1
Your First Take-Home Assignment
Introducing your Self with Autophotography
Assemble a photo diary of 6 to 10 slides/pages that depict who you are (e.g. what’s important to you? What makes up your self-concept? What is part of your identity? What drives your behavior?)
1. Choose an adjective/role/identity/behavior (past, present, or future) that describes you (e.g., “I am….” out-going, an animal lover, a clotheshorse, a son/daughter, a student, a survivor, a future engineer). Only IMPORTANT THINGS!
2. Pick or take a picture (or pictures) that capture that self-descriptor.
3. Include a description that tells the story of how the picture/aspect is important to understanding you.
Be sure that it includes explaining how the picture(s) and title connect to and shape WHO you are (what type of person you are, how this aspect influences how you behave/interact with the world)
. Most students find they need about 75-100 words per aspect.
Bring in PAPER COPY and be prepared to discuss on September 4th.

This is me...
What you see...
A Daredevil
A sample autophotography assignment
A Psychological Scientist
With a little bit of "mad scientist" thrown in. Tired of clarifying "no, I am not THAT kind of psychologist," I have come to prefer to call myself a scientist. So call me a nerd. That's fine. I love science and research and I'm not afraid to show it. I am always questioning and research gives me the tools to find my own answers. I rarely accept "truths" without evidence and am ever-skeptical. But the other part I love about science is sharing it. I hope that others find it as interesting as me, and, if not, at least useful. Then maybe they will go out into their worlds to question and find their truth.
In psychologese I would be high on Openness to Experience. In cliché terms, I would say I believe in living life to the fullest or I’ll try just about anything once. Long before there was a movie called the “Bucket List” or YOLO, I knew there were certain things in life I wanted to be sure to experience. The skydiving, rafting, hang-gliding (etc.) represents just the extreme of the life experiences I have sought out (and I’ve had to cut back on the extremes like this since becoming a parent). I have always been this way, from the moment I stood on tip-toes to try to get on my first roller-coaster. I love the exhilarating rush of adrenaline, the conquering of fears, and the satisfaction of being able to cross something off my life’s to-do list. It represents an important part of who I am because I am always seeking new and exciting experiences.

I am someone who is connected with my family (all the way back to ancient Celtic history, more recent history, and my parents today). Knowing where and who I come from has contributed a lot to understanding who I am, and forming my identity. I am a New Zealand-American who is very much the combo of my parents’ behaviors (e.g., his love of teaching and her love of shopping), personalities (e.g., they are both stubborn) and values (e.g., importance of helping). And those aspects of me, I feel, have trickled down through generations, making me feel connected to family past and present.

Consider this a warning. I was raised in a household where sarcasm was the native language. It was a family value that you shouldn't take yourself too seriously, and everyone reinforced it. We were praised for being sassy. So sarcasm is a reflex (and may even be genetic at this point. Sabine was less than two when she told her Dad he was "old like dragons" and his singing "was like a bad dream"). If you don't speak sarcasm or consider yourself "sensitive," we may not get along due to misunderstanding. But most people I know eventually come to figure out "I tease because I love" and don't take me too seriously.
I think this is an important part of who I am because it is how my family and I relate, it is an enduring characteristic, and has helped me endure (to keep laughing even when things got tough).
I have been telling stories since I was eight when my grandparents bought me my first little plastic typewriter (that typed in ALL CAPS). I even went on to get an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing. I believe this is another characteristic I inherited, this time from my grandfather who had a penchant for tall tales that grew taller on each telling.
However, my love of creating extends to other realms as well. I love photography (even had work on display in the Carnegie...now on Instagram), drawing (have even designed tattoos for people), designing costumes for my kids, and making jewelry and masks. I even try to be creative in my work (e.g., think explaining research is often like telling a story). I just like having multiple means to express myself (even if just to myself, as these are things I often do in private and keep private - except for things I give away to people or charities) as well as record my view of the world.
And I could add up to 4 more descriptors to round it out (An eternal student, "Too" Independent, Definitely NOT a neat freak, A debater, A survivor, etc.). But enough about me...what about you?
Don't count on MY course slides to = YOUR notes
See Takiff, Sanchez, & Stewart, 2001
Actually a study done here BY MSU students
Readings - make sure you know your key terms, for each section under a header understand the key point, and if you don't understand ASK!
I like questions about the material

Exams (4 of them - Final worth More)
Quiz Days
In-class activities and discussions
Flip days

Watch videos
"You gotta be kidding me with this bow, Mommy."
This is me
This is me
This is my sister
This is a Class 5+ rapid
This is my Dad, Me, & my sister
And occasional take-home assignments
(including occasional peer- & self-grading)
Consider yourself warned
Yes, I swear
Are you an awesome note taker?
Come see me at the end of class if you would like to potentially earn all your extra credit in exchange for your notes....
A Mom
Don't fall victim to third person effects
My dad, my sister, my grad student, my friend, & my husband all did this with me!
Passing on the family traditions!
Though I have long been a "dog mom," having a kid changes everything. My youngest came into out life in 2009 and my eldest, well, we actually just got guardianship of her Fall of 2015 (and what a Fall it was...). I used to prioritize other things when describing “Who Am I” but now so much of my life is wrapped around my kids. Although I still look in the mirror and wonder if that is really a "mom" looking back at me (not even sure I know exactly what that means other than something involving “mom jeans”), the role is working it’s way into my identity – or rather, I think I have worked the identity into something more like me. I just know I would do anything for them from designing awesome costumes to making international news.
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