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Untitled Prezi

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Deng Yi-Siang

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Group 3

An internal series of appositives
or modifiers
Huei-Ting Huang
But over time, water - along with aggressive chemicals in it – gets into these cracks and corrodes the concrete.
Yi-Siang Deng
Various wellness programs -- detox, stress and burnout, yoga, sleep enhancement -- are provided among palm trees and boulders, a perfect tonic for pent up bitterness.

Qian Qoan Chen
Attendants checked on "pawsengers" - not passengers - as they flew in the air-conditioned main cabin.
Rui-Teng Wu
Wovels have changed the traditional serial format, by allowing readers - and not the author - to decide the direction of the story.
Guan-Hui Li
The A's front office had broken down Giambi into his obvious offensive ststistics -walks, single, doubles, home runs- along with his less obvious ones -pitches seen per plate appearance, walk to strikeout ratio- and asked:which can we afford to replace?
Yao Wei Wu
Menbers of the financial community-including analysts,shareholders,inventors and CEOs-depend on BranZTM for the most reliable and accurate brand value information avaible.
Yao-Wei Wu
Huei-Ting Huang
Yi-Shang Deng
Guan-Hui Li
Rui-Teng Wu
Qian-Qian Chen

S -appositive, appositive, appositive - V
( )

Emphasis: Important information
Interruption: A whisper not for everyone to hear
Description or Addition: for further information and detailed explanation

from CNN News-Best places for a breakup
from 2013 BrandZ Top 100

From Studio Classroom, January, 2010 - PetAirways
from Moneyball
from BBC News - Key test for rehealable concrete
By Paul Rincon
from:Live abc,Oct,2012-The world of Wovels
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