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Copy of #CUE13: App-stravaganza 36 iPad Apps Every Teacher Should Use

Made and Delivered by J. Pack and K. Foerch

Jessica Pack

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of #CUE13: App-stravaganza 36 iPad Apps Every Teacher Should Use

Apps for
Instruction Creation Apps Need Resources? Wow! Engagement. Educreations Note-Taking Vocabulary Building Apps for
Management &
Planning "La Guera" App-stravaganza: 36 Apps Every Teacher Should Use www.appsinclass.com App-stravaganza Instructional Apps
Vocabulary Building Apps
Management/Planning Apps
Student-Centered Creation Apps Purpose: Screencasting for assessment or project-based learning. Screencasting to flip your content. iBrainstorm Purpose: Sticky notes on corkboard that can be annotated. Also acts as a receiver for sticky notes sent from iBrainstorm Companion app. Evernote Notability Skitch Inspiration Reference Tourwrist Dictionary.com Flashcardlet+ Interact QR Reader iCard Sort Sparklefish For the Teacher Prezi for iPad iAnnotate Visual Poet Pic Frame Purpose: Create your own digital flashcards or choose from many sets that can be downloaded from Flashcardlet+. Purpose: Perform a search for panoramic tours around the world. This app can be a visual reference for students and help them build background knowledge. Purpose: Reference with the ability to look up words that are read aloud, integrated thesaurus, and pronunciation function Purpose: An engaging alternative to Power Point; view prezi's you've created with their free online EDU package, or view prezi's others have made. Create simple prezi's within the app. Purpose: Annotate and highlight on PDF documents Purpose: Records your voice and on-screen annotations, then packages it into a video. Useful for flipping your classroom, giving a website tutorial, and more. Purpose: Scan QR Codes to navigate to websites, reveal a text message, hear an audio clip, and more. Purpose: An audio-based version of Mad Libs, students record their word choices for various parts of speech Purpose: Creates digital note cards. Purpose: Take notes with images and audio recordings, all of which are stored in the Evernote Cloud and are accessible from any device. Purpose: Draw and create using Skitch, by the same developer as Evernote. Great for creating graphic organizers, Skitch notes are stored in the Evernote Cloud. Purpose: Note-taking with easy interface and great interface with Keynote. Import Keynote presentations and annotate over them with ease as you present. Purpose: Create graphic organizers with ease Purpose: Write definitions for words, give examples, and pair them with images from the camera roll. Useful AND Cool Jumbo Stopwatch Teacher Essentials Purpose: Time management for students and teacher Class Dojo Purpose: Can be used as behavior management for whole groups or individual students. Works in conjunction with www.classdojo.com. There is an AppsInClass Jedi Master Blog post on this app! Cam Scanner Wifi Photo Transfer Dropbox QR Generator Explain a Website Too Loud Pick Me! Common Core Look-fors Purpose: Create your own digital flashcards or choose from many sets that can be downloaded from Flashcardlet+. Purpose: Measures volume decibels visually so kids can monitor their own noise level. Calibrates to accommodate white noise in any room. Purpose: Scans any image or document and creates a PDF in black and white, color, or grayscale. Useful for uploading files to your website for student download, or sending to absent students who email requesting work. Purpose: Cloud storage accessible from any device using the Internet. Includes public folder accessibility. Purpose: Functions when a mobile device and computer are on the safe WiFi network. This app assigns a unique URL to the device's camera roll, and allows you to access it by the computer's Internet browser. Helpful for moving work off of iPads. Purpose: To generate QR codes to link to websites, text, or audio clips Purpose: A Common Core evaluative app that administrators could use during CCSS evaluations or teachers could use to CCSS plan. ShowMe Purpose: Whiteboard app from which you can also screencast. Use to produce flipped classroom videos or as a student assessment. Videos stored on www.educreations.com Explain Everything iMovie Purpose: Digital Storytelling and academic movie-making. Also, you can use these apps to make flipped classroom videos. Comic Life Purpose: Create comic book pages to demonstrate mastery of content or skills Word Collage Purpose: Create collages of content vocabulary, parts of speech, or quotes. Dragon Dictation Purpose: Dictate writing, which is then transcribed into text. Great for reluctant writers, SpEd students, or just as a time saving measure. iStopMotion Vintagio Purpose: Digital storytelling apps for stop motion film-making and antique-style film making. Edmodo Purpose: Academic social networking platform. Great platform for writing prompts or group collaboration. Creative Book Builder Purpose: Author interactive ePub documents that include text, video, images, and voice recordings. ePub format preserves the multimedia when exported to iBooks. Toontastic Purpose: Write and animate stories in cartoon format. Exported as a movie stored on the Toontastic server. demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo Vimeo Channel: Room 208 @kfoerch Frametastic Phoster Purpose: Create amazing posters using your camera roll. Choose from a variety of themes and templates. Haiku Deck Purpose: Create presentations with beautiful, high resolution images that you can search according to keywords from the text you type. Raffle Time! Socrative Purpose: Teacher and Student versions of this app, which is a student response system. Utilize for quick checks, comprehension, discussion, quizzes, and more. demo demo 42 Karen Foerch Addicted to Apps: Bhavini Patel @Msbpatel @Packwoman208 #36Apps http://todaysmeet.com/36Apps Questions? Conversation? Fill out this form to win a BrainPop or Spelling City subscription! Apps for Practice BrainPop Spelling City App counterpart to www.brainpop.com App counterpart to www.spellingcity.com AppsInClass on iTunes U Jessica Pack
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