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Foreign Policy

No description

Kiana Garcia

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy
On august 15,2014 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation during Independence Day celebrations in Delhi on violence against women. For 927 girls there 1000 boys that is crazy for just a big country. The men are treating their women like they are just absolute trash. During the Prime Minister's speech he said that women should be valued which i think is true cause with out women there would be no men.
This affects all of India. The more they abuse their women the faster they will lose them and soon India will just be a no woman country. No one will ever want to go there.
This affecting human rights completely. Women are still humans whether men like it or not so they should be treated like one.
The prime minister wants to do everything in his power to change his beautiful country."Continuing his gender equality theme, Modi asked members of parliament to build separate toilet facilities for boys and girls in every school. Improving public sanitation and toilet facilities in homes will help put an end to outdoor defecation and allow women and girls to avoid having to leave their homes to go outside at dawn and dusk, when the risk of being raped and attacked is much greater".

No other country is helping them out with their situation.
Every other country as shunned them for whats going on but at the same time other countries are supporting the prime minister that way he can get things under control. Soon the countries population will be equal.
The efforts the prime minister are trying to do are still a working process. "In an effort to modernize the economy, Modi said he will get rid of the Planning Commission, a bulky and bureaucratic institution established in 1950 and a relic of India’s socialist past. The Commission once spent $50,000 renovating two office toilets while “lampooning” the country’s poor." I think more people should know about this situation and try what they can do to help. Raping and killing women is a serious topic that every country deals with but no country should go through it the way India did.
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