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Cedric McBroom

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Maylaysia

MAYLASIA major foods include rice, fish,and meat Here is the maylaysian flag it represents its 14 original states It became a country in1948 Maylaysia's main sports are Pencaksilat
Congkak Sepaktalkraw and golf Maylaysia's major exports,crops,and products are pineapples alluvial tin bauxite aluminum ore copper gold iron ore oranges apples and mango
The major cities in Maylaysia are Kuala lumpur Potrajaya Jabar and Borneo. Maylaysia's population is 24million Major tourist destinations are Mount kinabalu malay peninsula Maylaysia's conflicts and wars were fought against Japan and Great Britain. Scientist have found inhabitants 40,000 years ago.
Many scholars believe the earliest on the malay peninsula
came overland.
Maylaysian women and men wear clothes like americans do
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