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The History of the Telephone

No description

Ashleigh Schmidt

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of The History of the Telephone

How the Telephone Was Developed Over Years The History of the Telephone The Butterstamp The transmitter is what the person talks into and the receiver is the earphone. In the first phones there was one piece for both of the functions The Magneto Wallset used the blake transmitter and Bell's reciever. The Magneto Wallset Helped with more long distance calls by having a platinum diaphragm. The Desk Set The desk set was also called the French Phone because it resembled French parts. The Common Battery By: Ashleigh Schmidt References Cite Sources *http://www.telephonymuseum.com/telephone%20history.htm
* http://antiquetelephonehistory.com/liquid2.html
* Alexander Graham Bell was credited for the first telephone in 1876. He also had an assistant, Thomas Watson. The name, telephone, is Greek and it means far and sound. The invention of the telephone allows people to hear people talk from very far away. Also the telephone is a way to talk to someone who you may not be around at the moment. When you need to talk to someone who is not around you is when the telephone comes in handy. Life without the invention of the telephone may be harder than some people may think. Without the telephone you would have to be in the same place as the person your talking to so that they can hear you. If people are in different states they can't communicate with others without a telephone. You wouldn't be able to hear the voices of those far away and you wouldn't be able to communicate without it. The First Telephone The Liquid Transmitter The first telephone created by Alexander Graham Bell was called the liquid transmitter. A wire connected to the bottom of a material is balanced for the purpose that it slightly reaches the water, which is made electrically conductive with a little acid. Statements vocalized above creates it to flex all over, making the appended wire have more or less contact with the acid water. The Centennial Model The hinged armature was traded with an iron circle stuck straightforwardly to the material diaphragm, which upgraded the instrument's performance. Long Distance Transmitter After the wet and dry batteries came the common batteries and they were more convenient than the others. The 1919 Dial Telephone Made by Almon B.Strowger. It was first first made in Indiana and then after a few years it hit the big states like New York. The 300 Type Desk Set Instead of being used of metal The 300 Type Desk Set was made of plastic and was used during World War II. With one "hold" button and five alternates for calling, The Telephone Key Set was a telephone that was used mstly by business. The Telephone Key Set The 500 Type Color Desk Set The 500 Type Color Desk Set came with 5 colors:white, beige, pink, green, and blue and it was a big thing for household decorations.
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