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Chapter 3 Blown to Bits

"Thank you students" - SW

Dylan Dark

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 3 Blown to Bits

Blown to Bits Chapter 3

Slide One
Tracking Changes and Forgetting That They Are Remembered
Saved Information About a Document
Technological Birth and Death
Data Formats as Public Property
Representation, Reality, and Illusion
What Happens to the Data in Deleted Files?
The Scary Secrets of Old Disks
Reducing Data, Sometimes Without Losing Information
There have been many issues with redacting documents online, posting them, and then having the edited information revealed.
These issues are caused by a simple mistake. Instead of encrypting the data, they used the black color on the highlighter option.

Microsoft Word’s “track changes” option shows the entire history of the document, which can also reveal secret information.
Though the process of removing the history isn’t difficult, many people forget to do it.
Metadata is information about the document, such as the name of the file.
Metadata will include the name of the owner of the computer, the dates the file was created, the date it was modified.
Can the Leaks be Stopped?
The section informs the readers of the precautions taken to prevent leakage of information.
A common method to prevent leaks is to convert Microsoft Word to Adobe, which stores less information.
When a photo is uploaded to the computer, it is a representation consisting of a string of bits. These bits represent the original image, called a ghost
Digital editing can have some drawbacks. For example, programs like Photoshop can alter evidence or legal documents.

When someone zooms in on an undersampling, only pixels are shown.
A common method to prevent undersampling is by using compression techniques, lossless and lossy.
Without the advancements of memory chips has helped the digital revolution.
The power of processing is what has helped the digital age advance.

Can Data be Deleted Permanently?
How Long will Data Really Last?

By: Dylan Dark and Rachel Tarver

"....thank you students" - S.W.
Spam Wars
Hiding Information in Plain Sight
The basic Internet Protocol is called IP.
TCP is an important protocol that make use of IP. TCP sends messages between computers, and the pair is called TCP/IP. In the past, all computer companies had separate protocols before this was adopted.

The computer doesn’t recognize that the pixels are forming letters, and the spam filters cannot identify it as spam.
OCR, optical character recognition, is used when the original document is a printed piece of paper.
OCR will be used in the next version of spam filters, and will be able to detect images containing scams as spam.

Steganography sends secret messages unnoticeably.
Each Roman letter has an eight-bit ASCII code, and it can be used to hide messages. Also, by varying color slightly, the eight-bit string could change.
Disks can be thought of as individual blocks.
The information on disks are not stored in an orderly fashion because the information is being changed constantly. When information on a disk is deleted, that means it is simply re-written or replaced.
Deleting a file in the index will only remove it from the index. This is a main cause of data leakage.
Windows “FORMAT” command states it destroys everything on the disk, but it is actually looking for faulty spots on the disk.

There are rumored devices that can tell the difference between a 0 that was written over a 0 on a disk and a 0 that was written over a 1. If said misalignments were found.
However, it hasn’t been proved and that method of data recovery has a slim chance of existing.

Older electronic methods of holding information are replaced, meaning the old information is lost.
Many wonder if it is easier to simply keep things on paper, something we know can be preserved, or simply hope for the best.
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