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Saving Zasha

No description

Laura Cody

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Saving Zasha

Saving Zasha
By, Randi Barrow
Zasha, Mikhail
One synopsis
World War Two ended and mikhail finds a dying man and a german shepherd
Synopsis 2
Makhail took the dog but she had to go get somewhere safe. Having a german shepherd was dangerous after World War Two.
Synopsis 3
Makhail's enemies are suspicious about her so Makhail an Zasha have to hide and hope that they won't get caught.
Publishers weekly says-"Barrows novel is quick reading yet weighty, and captures the prejudices and aftereffects of war."
Kirkus Reviews says-"A highly engaging and ultimately hopeful animal story with a strong sense of time and place."
Booklist says-" first-person account will grab readers with the physical details of training and protecting his beloved pet as the history of the devastating war and its aftermath."
I would recommend this book to 5-8th grade boys and girls.
5 Adjectives
exciting, intense, scary, happy, extraordinary
German Shepard
Prezi by Nate
Genre-realistic fiction
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