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This is the story of Cupcake

Tiffany Bortei-Doku

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Scorpian

After the scary paranas, he had to climb a very steep hill. He decided in order to climb it, he'd had to build a ladder. He used the bones from the paranas (since he ate them) to build it. Scorpion knew it would take him a couple days but he knew he could never quit for his love for Tofu. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 And they all lived Happily Ever After... Start This is the story of a boy named Scorpion, who liked this beautiful girl named Tofu. One day he wanted to get Tofu to like him back so he decided he would go on a dangerous journey to get her a wonderful After a long tiring week, Scorpion decided he was going to rest. But he promised himself that he couldn't rest too much because he already really missed Tofu Angus Beef Monster Thing Finally, Cupcake reached the treasure. When he got there, he saw that Tofu was already there. "What are you doing here?" he asked. She told Cupcake the truth -- that she really liked him so she thought that getting the treasure would get him to like her back. Cupcake told her that he was trying to do the same thing. After that, Cupcake asked Tofu if they would like to go out together The Story of Scorpian By: Tiffany Bortei-Doku First he had to battle scary paranas. To him, it was like saying his ABC's The Hill Ughh... Sleepy head treasure. Cupcake He didn't eat this parana all the way! Uh oh! But then Scorpion had another problem once he woke up. He had to try to get from the vine and jump to the other hill. He kept on swinging but never jumped; he was too scared. "I'm never going to see Tofu again if I don't do it," he said to himself. So he jumped, but then he missed. He tried a couple more times and on the twelfth time he finally got it -- after he broke his collar bone of course. Just when Scorpion thought everything was going great and he was very close to the treasure a huge monster came and grabbed him. The monster's name was too long for Cupcake to remember so he just called it Angus Beef. Angus beef told Scorpion that she -- yes, it was a she (you could tell from the bow) -- wouldn't let him pass unless she would get this certain guy BBQ to like her. So Cupcake went over to meet BBQ and told him all about Angus -- all that he told him was that she was a monster who LOVED EVERYTHING BBQ. So he accepted and they got married. After that they had a baby and named her Sugar Cube sometime and she said YES!
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