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No description

Devin sachs

on 23 April 2012

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Transcript of Adjectives

a green door; a hungry dog; a furry cat; a clever writer; a big country.

All the words in italics are basic adjectives: they tell us something about the door, the dog, and so on.
Adjectives add description and clarification
Why are they useful?
What are adjectives?
Adjectives are words that describe people, places, or things.
They describe nouns, possibly pronouns.
For instance:
The cool morning air refreshed our minds and our spirits.
Where should adjectives be placed?
Adjectives should always be placed
in front of the noun or pronoun they
are describing.

If we say:
"The dog big brown said..."
it does not make sense. It looks as though
someone or something named big brown said "the dog."
However if we say:
"The big, brown dog said..."
that makes a lot more sense. We are using our adjectives correctly in order to describe the dog.
Adjectives answer three questions:
What kind is it?
How many are there?
Which one is it?
Story Time
It was a hot afternoon in Texas. Bill drove his two children to cool off at a refreshing creek. The family's two dogs joined them on the outing.
As soon as the car stopped, the sweaty kids and panting dogs scrambled out and began playing a game of fetch. The youngest boy stooped to pick up a stick only to discover a coiled snake instead.
The terrified child screamed, and the protective dog jumped between the boy and the snake. Both the dog and boy were unharmed. Instead of continuing the game of fetch, they decided to swim in the creak instead. After all, it was a hot afternoon in Texas.
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