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sherwin baracao

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of JAMES HARDEN

James spent most of his childhood in the Rancho Dominguez section of Compton. Like Akili, he was a big, fast, athletic boy who was drawn to the basketball court.
he became a fan of the UCLA.
When he was enrolled to Artesia, he saw pictures of his favorite player, Jason Kapono.
By his junior year, James had grown several inches and now stood well over six feet. He had also developed a reliable left-handed jump shot and had his asthma under control.
what does he do?
He plays American professional basketball and he is a shooting guard who plays for the Houston Rockets of the NBA
Growing Up

James Edwards Harden, Jr. was born on August 26, 1989, in Los Angeles California to Monja Willis and James Harden Sr.
His father was in the Navy but then drifted into drugs
He has two brothers and one of them is Akili Roberson, a quarterback for Locke High School in South L.A. and later the University of Kansas.
His favorite player was Jason Kapono of the UCLA hoops
On the rise
James stepped up in 2005-06 and led the Pioneers to the state championship
During summer of 2005-06 he continued to develop as the star of the Pump N Run AAU team, regularly pouring in 20-plus points a game and playing great defense.
in the Super 64 tournament in Las Vegas, he turned heads when he scored 67 points in two games on the same day, all while facing future college stars Kevin Love, Nolan Smith, Austin Freeman and Michael Beasley.

He rised by headin to Arizona state where he developed and lead his team to victory with Herb Sendek’s Sun Devils
During his sophamore years, he became a legend and students made a shirt saying "Die Harden Fan".
After college, he was eligible to play in the NBA
we was the #3 pick for the Oklahoma City Thunders
In the year 2012 he was traded to the Houston rockets.
He also became an olypian athlete for Team Usa
how did he become interested?
during his childhood James suffered from asthma.
He played against top players like Kevin love during his college years
Although he became a star and a famous athlete, he still faces challenges of becoming an NBA champion in the playoffs.
practice plays
Practice shooting off dribble
practice various jump shots
He works out with Hakeem Olajuwon
practice before games
When people seek to become who they are intended to be, they develop habits that represent what it means to be human.

James harden
-although he was the third wheel at Oklahoma Thunders, he still scored 3s and also competed in the olympics to represent his country and his self.
Theories and connection
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