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Thesis workshop

No description

Katharina Hill

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of Thesis workshop

cross-disciplinary does not mean 50:50 law/politics

overall topic is binding but the research questions may be changed together with your supervisor if needed

may also be written in Danish, Norwegian or Swedish (summary in English)
4 physical copies at Studiekontakten

electronically (Black Board)
as soon as possible (e.g. 1 month after last exam):
supervisory agreement
supervision plan

6 months later:
approval of English title
lending form
pre-approval of thesis (forhåndsgodkendelse af opgaven) -> A-Kasse
example: MA, AAK
Thesis writing seminar
“Is the thesis not handed in within the time limit, the university approves a changed subject matter within the same field and stipulates at the same time a new deadline of three months for submission of the thesis. Is the thesis not handed in within the new time limit, the student may have a third number of examination attempts, cf. The Examination Order.”
If you fail...
1 person:
max. 80 pages (192.000 keystrokes including front page, table of contents, text, footnotes/endnotes; excluding appendices, bibliography)
2 persons:
max. 140 pages ( 336.000 keystrokes)
Individually responsible for a specific part
Equally responsible for introduction, conclusion, summaries

Including summary (max. 2 pages)
Academic Writing
Remember to make back-ups!!!
thesis formalities (Katharina)
Q&A (Jens)
Thesis writing process (Kim)
Read the course description and the curriculum carefully!
Student counseling
What do you already know about the Master thesis?
Curriculum, p.13
What do you think you can use a student counselor for?
All sorts of issues that have an influence on the success of your studies.
For example:
• If you have failed a re-exam
• If you are behind in your studies
• If you have to make a (difficult) decision (internship, elective courses, etc.)
• If you lack motivation for studying
• If you are stuck with finding a topic for your thesis
The focus lies on:
•Your well-being during your studies
•Trust and openness
•You and your decisions
You meet:
• A professional and trained counselor who knows your study program
• Respect
• Confidentiality
Tel: 6550 2241
office hours: Thursdays 12.00-14.00
(Daniel: Mondays 12.00-14.00)
Any questions about the formalities?
contact library about methods books
"Free print of main paper University of Southern Denmark would like to offer to print your main paper (master project, ph.d ) for free at our printing house Print&Sign.
For this service you need to contact Print&Sign (trykkeri@sdu.dk). Expected time for delivery approximately 5 work days."
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