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evolution of the Football Helmet

No description

aaron dale

on 29 August 2010

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Transcript of evolution of the Football Helmet

The Evolution of the Football Helmet The first football helmet was worn
during the 1893 Army-navy game This helmet was formed by 3 thick
lether straps which formed a close
fit around a players head The first lether helmets were padded
and resembled avaitor helmets The next innovation made to the football
helmet happened in 1917 by the Illinois coach,
this design consited of a cloth pattern inside
the helmet to absorb some of the impact. These
were known as the Zuppke Helmet In the 1930s the first facemask was added to a lether helmet, made of a rubber coverd wire The first plastic football helmet came in 1939,
The single molded shell was stronger, lighter,
longer lasting, and didn't rot the way leather does
when damp This football helmet was
used from 1950-1954 The facemask was first
added to a riddell
helmet in 1955 In 1971, Riddell got a patent for "Energy
Absorbing and Sizing Means for Helmets."
The result: new HA-91 and HA-92
energy-absorbing, "microfit" helmets. In 2002 Riddell released a new more
spherical design for the helmet called
the Revolution and it is currently the
most widely used helmet in the
National Football League. This helmet
is designed to reduce the chance of
concussion. Sources:
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August 26, 2010. http://www.inventhelp.com/Football_Inventions.asp
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