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Books a Dying Art? Don't Believe it

No description

Emma Tranebo

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Books a Dying Art? Don't Believe it

There is just something about flipping through a novel and feeling the pages run through our fingers.Proulx states clearly that, although many disagree, books are in fact very much "alive"dispite the "corporate take over" and over whelming use of computers. She proves this through her use of irony when she argues that the corporations are "killing" books yet there is a "feirce scramble" to buy publishing houses.Proulxs' use of facts allows the reader to become aware of the worldly connections between human and book.
In the Essay there was...
Book vs E-Book
"Books speak even when they stand unopened on a shelf"
-Possibilities -"speaking to you" -Values/Respect

Author:Annie Proulx
Prezi: Emma
Books a Dying Art? Don't Believe it
Lastly Proulx inserts humor to the essay allowing the reader to pause and think that many of the accusations being made are indeed humorous.
What Do You Prefer?
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