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Gigi Mastrangelo W1

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Gigi Mastrangelo W1

by: Gigi Mastrangelo
Bastille is an English indie band. They formed their group in 2010. Bastille is made up of 4 people; Dan Smith (born July 14, 1987), Chris , 'Woody' Wood (born February 5, 1988), Kyle Simmons (born July 6, 1985), and Will Farquarson (born September 22, 1983). They were all born in West England, and can be found by playing the "BASTILLE" station on pandora. Bastille plays indie pop music.
'Laughter Lines'
By: Bastille
Bastille is an indie pop band from London England. You can find them on Pandora (Daughter radio, Bastille radio etc...). Thanks for viewing my Prezi on Bastille!!!
1. Tempo

2. Pitch

3. Dynamics

4. Timbre

High and low

Mezzo forte

green, upbeat, slow
-Their song, Laura Palmer, was inspired by a character on the show 'Twin Peaks'
-The group was originally just Dan Smith(lead singer).
5 Facts about Bastille.
-They only have 4 albums, and a few eps

-Bastille is known mostly for doing covers of other artist's songs
-The bands name comes from Dan Smiths birthday, which is on Bastille Day
Piano, guitar, vocals, keyboard,
I chose this song, because it's my favorite song on their newest album 'Bad Blood'. I think it has the most "meaning" .
Music Umbrella (Cont.)
Other bands like Bastille: Twenty One Pilots, Daughter, Kodaline, The Kooks, Smallpools, San Cisco, Vampire Weekend, and more!
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