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Copy of Ted Harrison: Painter, Printer, Illustrator

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Lindsey Foushee

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Ted Harrison: Painter, Printer, Illustrator

Ted Harrison and the Yukon

What is he inspired by?
Ted Harrison went to school in England, but moved to the Yukon in Canada after teaching in Malaysia and New Zealand, where he became inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the area.
What's the Yukon Territory Like?
This territory was named after the
Yukon River
. Yukon means "Big River" in the language of the native people of the area.
The climate in the Yukon is considered
, so the temperature can reach -32* F at night in January!
The Yukon is known for its
glaciers, rivers, and mountains
, with one of the best views of the Northern Lights in the world!
Not many people live in Yukon, with a
of only 33,897 people spread out across 183,287 square miles. (Wake County has over 1 million people in only 857 square miles)
Biographical Information:
Ted Harrison was born in England in 1926, and died January 2015
Harrison enrolled in art college in 1943, but because of his military service for World War II, didn't finish until 1950
He moved to the Yukon in the 1960s, where his paintings became known for distinctive abstract landscapes and bright colors
He was awarded the Order of Canada medal by Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to Canadian culture.

What incredible views!
Artwork by Ted Harrison
Different Types of landscapes:
How do you see SPACE (distance) in these images?
Where is the Yukon?
What do you notice?
people/ animals
minimal details
simplified lines/ shapes
Art Elements:
Create an abstract landscape using bold lines and colors.
Show space and depth
Include an animal or figure in forground
Use watercolor paints, including at least one technique from demo. Bold oil pastel for lines.
Use value in at least 2 places, 3 distinct tints each
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