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pt5m on La Palma

No description

Liam Hardy

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of pt5m on La Palma

Gaia test objects
CV follow up
Time-resolved light curves of new CVs
Already running...
- CRTS follow up
- AMI/Swift follow up
- auto-reduction + upload to Gaia photometric server
Ready to follow up Gaia transients
Telescope Status
pt5m on La Palma
New mount installed - March 2014
New telescope expected - Nov 2014
Recent follow up efforts
Other targets from ATel
Searching for eclipsing systems
CRTS via skyalert
Swift via AMI/LOFAR
alert processing
real-time reduction
upload to Gaia server
Ritchey-Cretien. Better image quality and throughput
Liam Hardy - PhD student University of Sheffield
Vik Dhillon, Stuart Littlefair, Richard Wilson (Durham), Tim Butterley (Durham)
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