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Copy of Why & How of Book Trailers

No description

Randy Hawkins

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Why & How of Book Trailers

By Randy Hawkins and Teresa Miller
4th Grade Teacher Librarian
Masters of EdTech
Peregrine Elementary

The How's and Why's of Book Trailers
What is a Book Trailer?
First 2 Trailers - As a Class
1) Read Aloud
2) Form groups
3)Share ideas using Google Docs
4) Assign parts - find pictures add text.
5) Decide on music

Book Trailers for Readers. (n.d.). Book Trailers for Readers. Retrieved March 5,
2013, from www.booktrailersforreaders.com/How+to+make+a+book+trailer

How To Use Book Trailers Effectively. Interview With Darcy Pattison | The
Creative Penn. (n.d.). The Creative Penn. Retrieved March 5, 2013, from http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2010/09/03/how-to-use-book-trailers-effectively-interview-with-darcy-pattison/

Richmond Children's Writers: Book Trailers - Why and How. (n.d.). Richmond
Children's Writers. Retrieved March 20, 2013, from http://richmondchildrenswriters.blogspot.com/2011/07/book-trailers-why-and-how-by-hazel-buys.html

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moviemaker. (n.d.). microsoft. Retrieved March 20, 2013, from
Common Core
* The ways we read and consume information have changed and expanded in the digital age. Our love of reading has remained a constant
How I got started.
Created by:
Randy Hawkins, Teacher, Masters of EdTech
Teresa Miller
Librarian, innovator
Peregrine Elementary
Book Trailers
Edmodo - nx2bdi

Find a book that entices you! Read and take notes?
Step 1
Think outside the basal reader!
Watch other Trailers and Get Ideas
Step 2
Step 4
Create a folder and Find high quality images

Storyboard Template
Think 60-90 seconds
Step 3
Step 5
Import pictures
Step 6
Add text, narration, and title.
Start and end with book cover!
Step 7
Preview, Edit and Enhance
Step 8
Add music
Step 9
Step 10
Render and Share
1) Mozilla Firefox
2) Tools
3) Add-Ons
4) search for Video DownloadHelper
5) YouTube
6)find book trailers
7) Add videos to your web page or Blog
How to Make it Work
Next Trailer - Small Group
1) Read Aloud
2) Form groups
3)Share ideas using Google Docs
4) Assign parts - find pictures add text.
5) Decide on music
On Their Own
Find other Ways to Promote Reading
How to Make it Work
Create Movie
Upload to Google Drive
Share with anyone that has the link
Copy link
Go to www.qrstuff.com
Paste link
Save QR code, Print and place near book
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