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DON'T USEPartners Meeting 2015 Vision Statements

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Your Prezis

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of DON'T USEPartners Meeting 2015 Vision Statements

Partner's Meeting

Vision Statement #1
It's 2020 and we're on the
cover of
The American Lawyer
F&P will be a destination law firm for
some of the most talented and respected L&E lawyers in the country.
Vision Statement #5
All of F&P's offices will be right-sized in relation to their market places. No city will have fewer than five lawyers, most will have ten or more, and regional capital cities will have twenty or more.
Vision Statement #2
F&P will have gained a reputation as a leading law firm for sophisticated L&E matters in our chosen industry sectors, while maintaining our reputation as a user-friendly HR support firm.
Vision Statement #4
F&P wll have profitable offices in all important U.S. cities, particularly NYC and WDC.
Vision Statement #7
F&P will have gained a national
reputation as a firm seriously committed to diversity, earned by recognized improvements in diversity in every rank and category of the firm.
Vision Statement #8
All of F&P's industry and subject matter practice groups will have effective leadership and will have completed the transition from practice affinity groups to targeted marketing groups. They will all be capitalizing on our firm's special qualifications and proven results to win and retain clients.
Vision Statement #11
F&P's work under EPLI arrangements
will be at least 90% as profitable as the
firm's other work, on average. (In 2014, it was
less than 75% as profitable as other work
under the firm's development net analysis.
How did we get here?
Creating a Vision of the Future
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