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Table Skirting

No description

Kelly Daabay

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Table Skirting

Table Skirting
Styles of Table Skirting
Procedure for skirting:
Table Skirting
Table skirt is a way to dress up a table. Similar to tablecloths, they wrap around the edge of a table leaving the top uncovered. Chosen in a fabric to match existing decor, a table skirt adds style and function to a room.
Table Skirts consist of two components:
cloth table topper
a skirt that fastens to the table edge with clips
Box/Single Panel
Double Box
Pleated Pleats
Various table skirting designs are suitable for different restaurant function such as:
Cake displays
Gift table
other special occasions
1. Decide on what design you are going to do that fits the occasion.
2. Prepare the needed materials:
Top cloth
table skirt
3. Lay the top cloth fastened with thumbtacks at the edge of the table.
4. Pull the cloth adequately to straighten and smoothen the surface tacking it firmly on the table.
5. Get the center front of the table.
6. Fold the skirting cloth to the center to get the middle.
7. Start fastening the cloth push a pin down to secure it on the edge of the table.
8. Measure equal distances for folds and pin down making sure that the skirting is securely fastened on the tablecloth.
9. Skirt the table using and combination of pleats.
Observe sanitation in handling materials.
Thumbtacks and pins should not be visible.
When tucked or touched, pinned cloth should not fall off.
Equal distance of folds should be observed.
Clarity of folds and design.
Cloth does not touch the floor
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