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No description

Maura McGreer

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of AMENITIES

Saving Methods!
What is important to guests?
Smaller Bath/shower products
Soap dispenser
Guest Essenntial
Products provided for guest use that are expected to remain at the hotel after departure.

clothes hangers
ice bucket
drinking cups
waste basket
shower mat
Guest Expendables
Items used by guests that must be replaced daily or when a guest checks out.

toilet paper
laundry bag
disposable slippers
Guest Loan
Items provided to guests upon request but returned at the end of stay.

hair dryer
ironing board
hot water bottle
Cost per room
Amenities are a big expense for hotels. Below is a sample breakdown of the cost of a junior suite.

Welcome tray: 14.78 CHF
Products provided/requested: 70.52 CHF
Room related expenses: 80.84 CHF
Property operation and maintenance: 51.36 CHF

Total: 265.57 CHF

What is an amenity in a hotel?
A luxury item provided to guests at no charge
Guest essentials
Guest expendables
Guest loans

The Dispenser Trend
“As of 2006, it was estimated that more than ten billion shower amenity packaging pieces are thrown away each year by hotels around the world”
USA throws away approximately 800 million bars of slightly used soap
Cost savings of 70% with dispensers
Installation by luxury and budget
Going green or going cheap?
Some believe that amenities can lead to guest loyalty. Do you agree?
Thank you for listening!
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