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A Tale Dark And Grimm Written by Adam Gidwitz

No description

Xandra Lancaster

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of A Tale Dark And Grimm Written by Adam Gidwitz






Plot Development
Setting: Castle,Woods, Village, Meadow
Mood: Scared, Sadness, Anger, fear,Heroic
Hansel and Gretle's parents get married and their mother births them.
Plot Diagram
Their Father cuts off their heads to bring back his friend.
Hansel, Gretel
Gretel Hansel
The Dragon
The Dragon is evil and dangerous. The dragon is the main antagonist in this story. The Dragon has a big impact on the story because he was the reason Hansel and Gretel became King and Queen. Because he the one who attacked the kingdom.
Gretel is pretty much exactly like her brother ,but has a bit of an attitude and is clearly a girl. She also is very courageous and strong willed. But most of all like her brother she is an amazing and protective sister.
The theme of friendship/family is also a really big theme in this novel. One way it is represented is when Gretel chops off her finger to save her brother. Another way it is represented is when they are walking to find a new home and they join hands. One other way it is represented is when they work together to save their parents kingdom from the Dragon.
Their father's friend brings them back to life.
After they find out their father killed them they ran away .
Hansel and Gretel become Queen and King
Hansel and Gretel run off into the woods and get captured by a witch.
Gretel cuts off one of her fingers to save her and her brother from the witch.
Gretel starts to become worried about Hansel because he promised to stop killing animals to eat ,but he can not stop every time he sees one he kills it.
Gretel kicks out Hansel, but shortly afterwords Hansel turns into a werewolf and is shot and killed.
The Man With The Blood Red smile,The Witch,and The Dragon
The conflict: The Dragon attacking the Kingdom.
Gretel moves to a new village where she meets The Man With The Blood Red Smile.
Gretel was playing with The Man With The Blood Red Smile and she cut her head and he sucked the blood away with his mouth.
Gretel follows The Man With The Blood Red Smile to his house where she meets his mother and finds out that he is evil.
While at his house Gretel sees him ripping a girls soul out and turns it into a dove then chops up her body and her hand lands on Gretel's lap.
After chopping the girl up he began to turn her into a soup.
Gretel gets caught and has to run away and luckily she is able to escape.
The people who killed Hansel turned out to be his father's friends so, they bring him back to life so he can find his sister and they can save the kingdom.
Gretel continues to travel and goes to a tavern to eat and finds herself falling to sleep.
While on his way to fin Gretel Hansel received gifts from two villages one was a a cart filled with a thousand golden apples and the other was a cart filled with barrels of wine both pulled by obedient and incredibly large oxen.
Gretel leaves the tavern and begins traveling.
Gretel and Hansel find each other.
Hansel explains to Gretel that they have to save the kingdom from the evil Dragon.
Hansel and Gretel head on their way to save the kingdom.
Hansel and Gretel arrive at the kingdom.
Hansel and Gretel encounter the Dragon .
Hansel and Gretel begin to fight the Dragon.
Hansel and Gretel finally slay the Dragon.
The climax of this story is when they meet the dragon. But after they meet the Dragon they realize they're going to have a lot on the plate. Although at the time they also did not notice how well this was going to pay off not only was going to benefit themselves but,others as well.
The conclusion to this story is when Hansel and Gretel became Queen and King.they became the rulers of the land after they they slayed they slayed the dragon and saved the kingdom. It was also told that they were going to live a long and happy life. And they did.
Hansel is smart, energetic, kind, caring ,tough, ect. Hansel is also a protagonist.Hansel has coal colored eyes and dark curly hair. But most of all Hansel is an amazing and protective brother.
Other Antagonists
There are several other antagonists in the story that would like to talk about but, I don't have enough time to talk about them. So I am going to tell you about them all I am short paragraph about all of them. Like most antagonist they are manipulative, evil, rude,and dangerous. But they aren't like most antagonists they're CRAZY! they turn people into soup and a whole bunch of other crazy, weird, and gross things.
The theme of survival was represented many times throughout the novel . For example survival was represented when Hansel and Gretel runaway from home and into the woods forcing them to have to survive on their own. Survival is also represented when they are captured by the witch and they have to escape in order to survive. Then it is represented when they are in a forest and a tree tells them " You must build a shelter to survive ." so they do just that. There are many more ways survival is shown but, not enough time to tel you.
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