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Under the Never Sky

No description

Greta Zolynas

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky
The time and date of this place is unknown, for it's on another world. Veronica describes this world as very dangerous. Aether flows through the sky. 'Aether', in Greek, means 'clear sky'. The sky is clear and beautiful until there is a storm. Aether storms consist of screeching funnels of fire that hit the ground, furiously. There were protective pods that about half the population lived in. The rest of the population lived outside, prone to Aether strikes. People inside the domes call the outside The Death Shop.
Plot Summary
Aria is a girl who lives in one of the pods called Reverie. These people are called Dwellers. Once her mother had to go to Bliss, another pod, to resume her research, Aria became desperate to remain in touch with her mother. People outside of the pods are called Outsiders. Perry, an Outsider with an abnormally strong scent, comes in contact with Aria when she is kicked out of the pod after a mishap. Ever so different from each other, Perry and Aria become allies and work to find Aria's mother.
Main Character Study
Aria is a dynamic character, physically and mentally. She starts off in Reverie and then gets kicked out into the Death Shop. Also, her idea of Outsiders change greatly and she even becomes good friends with a few.
Point of View
The point of view of this story is third person omniscient.If we didn't know what the characters were thinking in the story, it would be very boring, and would be hard to follow. The narrator describe almost every feeling, thought, and strike of pain that Aria and Perry feel.
If the story was from Aria's point of view, we wouldn't know what was going through Perry's head. Also, he wouldn't even have been introduced until later in the book.
Figurative Language
Propaganda - In Reverie, there are SmartEyes that allow you to fraction into another fake world called the Realms. If you get hurt in the Realms, nothing actually happens to you in real life. The Realms was made to be a distraction for the people living in the pods, for it was very boring. The Realms and the pods in general had a motto; 'Better than Real'.
Info on Author and Connections
Under the Never Sky was published on January 3, 2012.Being that the book is complete fiction, there isn't a real world connection to the book. Veronica Rossi finished her undergraduate studies at UCLA. Then, she went to study fine art at the California College of Arts. As an artist, she is good at representing her thoughts through words that are very captivating.
By Veronica Rossi
Presentation by Greta Zolynas
Author's Tone
Reader's Mood
Perry is also a dynamic character, physically and mentally. He used to HATE Dwellers. If he came in contact with a Dweller, Perry would kill. Perry also endured a lot of pain and gained many scars. He also falls in love and becomes rendered to a girl.
Figurative Language
Personification - When there are Aether storms, the narrator says the funnels of fire and energy are screeching. Also, when the Aether is calm, it is said to 'roll in calm waves'.
Figurative Language
Symbolism - I believe the whole book represents our Earth. The Dweller Outsider relationship can represent racial discrepancies. The different tribes can stand for different countries. The Aether can be the government, and as all the people are searching for 'Still Blue', a place without Aether, people of Earth are trying to find a way to work the system in their favor.
The theme of this book is that no matter the differences, you can surround yourself around people to work together and make a difference. Even if you come from two completely different worlds, you can come together in some way and be okay. Also, the book shows that two is better than one, or 'the more people the better'.
I think what the author's tone is really optimistic. Veronica reassures you that anything can happen throughout the book. I wasn't expecting most of the things that happened. Also, the way she presented the Aether was terrifying. She really puts you in the picture so that you feel just as scared as the people in the actual storm. Veronica uses a vocabulary of variety, making there room for imagination in the reader's mind. It's really easy to get lost in her words, because it's so captivating.
I could not stop reading this book. The book is scary, romantic, and is extremely captivating. It made my heart quicken and made the page turning exciting.

“She absorbed the terror and beauty of him and his world. Of every moment over the past days. All of it, filling her up like the first breath she'd ever taken. And never had she loved life more.”
“Love was like the waves in the sea, gentle and good sometimes, rough and terrible at others, but that it was endless and stronger than the sky and earth and everything in between.”
“It didn't matter if Aria was hundreds of miles away, or whether she'd hurt him, or said goodbye, or anything else. Nothing would change the way he felt. The moment Aria had taken his hand on the roof at Marron's, she'd changed everything. No matter what happened, she'd always be the one.”
Is the writing effective, powerful, difficult, beautiful..
The writing is really effective and beautiful. It made me rethink how I treat people and how much some people actually mean to me. Veronica's words are very powerful. There is a lot of meaning behind every page. The flow of the book is beautiful.
I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ALL READERS!! It is such an amazing and quick read. I lost track of time and reality reading this book. Boy or girl, you can read this book. It fills the romantics and the gruesomeness. It is one of the best books I've ever read because the combination of the characters and descriptors.
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