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Why is Brazilian culture so fascinating?


Sapphire Goldbergs

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Why is Brazilian culture so fascinating?

Why is Brazilian culture so fascinating? Narrative Juliana- Juliana is competitive and a bit full of herself but she is passionate about dancing. She is looking forward to the Samba Parade at the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval because she will be performing in it.

Ana Luiza- Ana Luiza is shy but loves to dance. She does not like to have all the attention but she still is excited for performing in the Samba Parade. THE CHARACTERS Who are some important
people in Brazil? PELE DILMA ROUSSEFF FRANCISCO COSTA ? What kinds of music are popular in Brazil? What does the flag mean? Forests and nature of Brazil Brazilian gold The night sky on November 15th SAMBA FORRO Journey to the River Sea BOOK REPORT By Eva Ibbotson The Rio de Janeiro Carnival The Samba Parade Brazil is a stunning and beautiful place. It is coated with lively and interesting culture. Brazil stands out with its bright and fun music and exotic food. The carnivals, people, music and food all contribute to the country, Brazil. WHAT I THINK OF BRAZIL... WHERE IS BRAZIL? WHAT FOOD IS COMMON
IN BRAZIL? FEIJAO Brigadeiro Pastel Information Report FINE ARTS Thankyou for watching!! Any questions?? The Brazilian states and the Federal district, Brasilia Ordem E Progresso (Order and Progress) Journal entries 25th July I changed my question today! I’m really happy because my other question (what is life like for a girl in Africa?) was a good idea at first but then I had lots of doubts about it and it stressed me out! (I changed my very first question which was about fashion to “what is life like for a girl in Africa” and now I’ve changed my question again!)
Now my question is “why is Brazilian culture so fascinating?” I’m doing this because Brazil is so cool! I am going to see if I can interview my friend’s mum, Claudia, because she is Brazilian and it would be really interesting!
I really hope that my presentation isn’t too boring though! *Fingers crossed*
Anyway, today we did an info report activity. We had to pair up (I was with Odyssia) and make a poster of an animal (we chose parrots). We had to cut out bits of information and stick them under the right sub-heading. Our headings were health, diet, care and entertainment. I think it really helped me understand about putting the research in the right place. 4th September I have started my Prezi and it’s going well. I have also started my fine arts and I am nearly finished. I am excited for the presentation but I am also really nervous. I have finished everything except for my speech and my fine arts (well, I have finished my speech draft). Mrs Weir said that today Miss Graham is going to tell us something that will help us with our presentation and maybe get us extra marksbut I have no idea what it is!
Mrs Weir and Miss Graham have really helped us with our IRT and I am so glad that they were here to help us! I can’t believe IRT term is nearly over. We have been working all term for a presentation that lasts for 15 minutes!
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