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Brian and Edvin's project

No description

lib hist

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Brian and Edvin's project

Lucian Adams showed courage when no one else would he went on a lone assault. Edward C. Allworth captured 100 enemy soldiers which was more soldiers than he had. Kenneth Bailey repelled the enemy during a suprise attack on them.
They all tried to protect their comrades. 2 of the soldiers led their troops to victory and 1 did it himself.
Kenneth D. Bailey
He repelled an enemy surprise attack and improved his own position. After reorganizing his troops, he lead them to fierce hand-to-hand combat for ten hours, despite a severe head wound.
Lucian Adams
In a lone assault Lucian defeated three machine gunners and forced the surrender of two infantry men. This allowed his soldiers to reopen supply line to the isolated third battalion.
Medal of honor
It was created during the civil war by president Lincoln. It is the highest award obtainable in the U.S.A. It symbolizes courage, honor, valor, and patriotism.
Brian And Edvin medal of honor presentation
Edward C. Allworth
His company was split across a river.He then led his troops across the river while under fire, leading his troops to his men on the other side. He captured 100 enemy soldiers, more than in his command.
Edward Allworth showed valor when he led his troops across the river while under fire. Lucian Adams showed valor when he went on a lone assault against the machine gunners. Kenneth D. Bailey showed valor when he led his troops to hand to hand combat while he had a severe head wound.
They all showed patriotism for fighting a war for the U.S.A. and helped their fellow soldiers when needed.
It is great to see all these amazing stories
about people who showed amazing courage in war
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