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Chris Van Allsburg

No description

Stephanie Casper

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Chris Van Allsburg

Chris Van Allsburg
Chris Van Allsburg
Most famous books:

Artistic Style
Conte Crayon (charcoal)
Black and White Pencil Drawings


- Most illustrations are in black and white
- Surrealist drawings
- In Two Bad Ants, he puts the plot before he shows illustration

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi (1979)
Jumanji (1981)
Ben's Dream (1982)
The Wreck of the Zephyr (1983)
The Mysteries of Harris Burdick (1984)
The Polar Express (1985)
The Stranger (1986)
The Z Was Zapped (1987)
Two Bad Ants (1988)
Swan Lake (1989)
Just a Dream (1990)
Contribution to Children's Literature
Caldecott Medal- Jumanji, Polar Express
Caldecott Honor- The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book-
The Stranger, The Polar Express, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick,
The Wretched Stone (1991)
The Widow's Broom (1992)
The Sweetest Fig (1993)
Bad Day at Riverbend (1995)
A City in Winter (1996)
The Veil of Snows (1997)
Zathura (2002)
Probuditi! (2006)
Queen of the Falls (2011)
Interesting Facts:
- 3 of his books have been made into movies
- Won the Hans Christian Anderson Award
- Earned his Master's Degree in sculpture
Meaningful Quotes
“It's not bad to be different. Sometimes it's the mark of being very very talented.”

“I don't think ordinary things are very interesting, so I try to imagine a world that is less ordinary.”
Chris Van Allsburg creates new worlds for children to explore with lessons about believing what you want to believe. His books include a variety of illustrations and he uses many different materials to complete them.

Are these books quality books?
According to the evaluation guide for fiction, Chris Van Allsburg writes quality books for children. His books are mostly believable (even though they are fantasy), includes a major dramatic question, and good pacing. To improve, Van Allsburg could include more multicultural and international characters.
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