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The ePortfolio Journey

No description

Heather Bryant

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of The ePortfolio Journey

Student ePortfolio Use and Style in Evolution The ePortfolio Journey As students expand and develop their roles
in the University, they can add photos and text
to reflect this on ePortfolio. Example 1: A Second-Year Biology Major Example 2: A Senior Art Major Composition
and Meta-cognition:
Academic Materials Pages Introductions:
The First Step on the Journey The identities students create on ePortfolio
are initially intended for the Pace community. Students can use the Academic Materials
Page as both a Showcase for finished
projects and a platform for composition.

They can post reflections
alongside final projects. Students can reflect on projects, internships,
and other work, expanding their identity
as they build meta-cognitive skills--
the ability to "think about thinking." As discussed in
"Reflection in Electronic Portfolio Practice": Students in my ENG 201 Class maintained
research blogs and submitted final reflective statements, integrating
reflection into each stage of the class The ePortfolio
On-Line Forums
Showcases A forum
on "Writing and Publishing"
allowed my creative nonfiction
students to post
responses to readings
and video links
in lieu of class
post-Hurricane Sandy Students could then post responses to each others' work At this stage of the ePortfolio Journey,
students have built
identity, community,
and meta-cognitive skills
through the tools in the ePortfolio platform.
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