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Phenomena on the Sun's surface

No description

Shannon Yeong

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of Phenomena on the Sun's surface

on the Sun's surface

Prominences are huge flames of gases on photosphere.
Solar wind
can affect satellites, television, radio, telegraph and telephone communications.
Solar flares
are explosions on the photosphere
Effects of Solar Flares
cause disturbances to telecommunication systems
cause compass to malfunction
Generation of solar energy
The sun's energy comes from a proccess called nuclear fusion
and their effects
Sunspots are dark patches on the Sun. They appear dark because they are cooler than other parts on the sun.
They come in clusters or groups and they do not last more than a few weeks
Effects of Sunspots
Magnetic Disturbances
Because sunspots are magnetically active spots, they cause ...
which will cause...
-changes in the Earth's climate (extreme drought)
-Production of land breeze and sea breeze
Effects of Prominences
Some surface gas escape to outer space. These gases carry a stream of electrically charged particles and the particles cause a strong wind, known as...
can cause climatic disturbances on Earth
These particles also cause
which happens in the poles.
release a lot of energy
last for a few minutes
Sun's surface
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