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Transportation by Ryan

No description

Karen Simmons

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Transportation by Ryan

By: Ryan Karl Friedrich Benz invented the first gasoline automobile. Germany Transportation Early Automobiles China Ferdinard Verbiest built the first steam powered toy automobile for his emperor. Henry Ford built the first American automobile called the Ford Model T. Italy Leonardo da Vinci created a design for flight called the "aerial screw". Early Flight Mid USA The Blimp was first thought about by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. The Wright Brothers tested the first ever airplane in the USA. This video is about automobiles and how they're made and advertized. The blimp is like a relative to the hot air balloon.Blimps can be bigger or smaller than the balloon. Blimps are also called zeppelins! Opinion:I think transportation is really important and we can't live without it.Automobiles and Aviation are like peanut butter and jelly!
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