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World History B: Writing Project Outline

No description

Raven Warford

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of World History B: Writing Project Outline

Week 3 Review
Main Topics Covered:
The developing alliances previous to WWII
The roles of appeasement and isolationism prior to WWII
The battles of WWII in both Atlantic and the Pacific
The political ideologies of Totalitarianism and Democracy
The military tactics of WWII
The Holocaust
The genocide in Armenia, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Kosovo, and Sudan
Project 3: Directions
Paragraph 1
Introduction Paragraph!
Remain Formal:
How's it Going?
Weekly Expectations
Project outline
Citing Sources
How's it Going?
Did you read this week's Course Announcements?
Have you made any contact with me since Week 1?
Have you been using your pacing calendar to make sure you're on pace?
Have you met requirements in the Discussion Board?
Week 3 Expectations
Lessons 11-15, one lesson per day
One Live Adobe session
Two discussion post per day/lesson = 10 total post for the week
Project 3: DUE: August 21, 2015
Achieve 100% on workbooks
Achieve 80% on checkpoints
Unit 3 exam, by Saturday, at the latest.
Want to Earn Points:
Please log onto Socrative: http://b.socrative.com/login/student/
Log into my room: MrsWarfordsRoom
Enter your First, Last Name

* About the Project?
* About this week's expectations?
* About Anything else?

World History B: Writing Project Outline
Mrs. Warford
No use of "I" is allowed in this essay!
Start with an attention grabber!
Ask a question?
Begin with a quotation
List a BOLD statistic
Ex: " We stopped moving when we heard automatic weapon fire. We turned our heads to see what was happening, but it was impossible to see the men...we asked them what was happening...They were very upset; no one could talk. One of them finally told us: "They released us but the others are finished." (Jones, Gendercide Watch 1998).
Paragraph 1: Cont'd
Give a brief introduction as to the chosen topics
Define "genocide" in your own words
Explain that there have been other examples of genocide in history other than the Holocaust.
Sate your thesis!
This is the topic of your entire essay
It should be argumentative
EX: "although there are common characteristics and themes that occur with all genocides, the Holocaust and Kosovo were different due to ..., ...., and ...."
Must Have's
You MUST have a thesis statement
You must have Topic and Transition sentences
You Must have 5 paragraphs
You MUST have a conclusion paragraph
You must CITE your sources
You must use MLA format for Works cited page
Tips for Success!
Run your essay through a spell check/grammar check
Indent each paragraph the same amount of spaces
Use Credible sources!
No Wiki or Yahoo Answers
Look for sources that are academic in nature (edu or .org websites)
Your Task: Compare the Holocaust to an act of genocide in any ONE of the following places: Armenia, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Kosovo, and Sudan. Be sure to explain what genocide is, as well as the causes and effects of both the Holocaust and the act of genocide you select to compare it with.

Suggested Outline for Project 3:
Paragraph 1: Introduction, identify what genocide is and introduce both Holocaust and the act of genocide you chose.

Paragraph 2: Information on who caused the Holocaust and what other act of genocide and who were targeted in both situations
Paragraph 3: Information on why the Holocaust and other act of genocide happened
Paragraph 4: Information on attempts to stop the Holocaust and other acts of genocide and what the outcome of both events was.
Paragraph 5: Conclusion, wrapping up your essay. Summarize important statements.
Sources in-text should be MLA format
Citation Generators:
- www.easybib.com
- www.bibme.org
- www.citationmachine.com
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