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Respecting Humanity

No description

khaled fekry

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Respecting Humanity

Respecting Humanity
Human beings come in different shapes, colours
and size. Others may look completely different from
you, but you are more alike than you think. Although
we might look completely different in our outward
appearances, every human being in this world is the creation of Allah.
Allah does not set apart anyone because of the
colour of their skin or where they are from.

Allah tells us in the Qur'an that He does not
differentiate between people except on
("piety"-strong religious belief and behavior).
This shows us that Allah
blessed and honored humans and made
them His best and most favored creation.
All humans share these blessings of Allah and
the high place He gave them on Earth.
Respecting and loving Allah means that one has to appreciate His creation. Since human beings are Allah's creation like everything else in the word, we have to
respect His creation. In the eyes of Islam all human
beings are equal and deserve respect.
1.What is Respect?
2.Why do we need to respect other human beings?
Whether some people have dark or light skin, are male or female, Muslim, Jewish, or Christian, all are children of Adam. Therefore, they are all human beings and deserve to be respected for their humanity.
3.Which of Allah's creations is held above the rest?
Human beings
Respect is to not differentiate between people on their outward appearances, to treat people the same, to be nice to them even though they are not nice to you.
: Explain the Importance of
Respecting Humanity in Islam.

Taqwa (Piety)
Al-Muhyee: The giver of Life

: copy down the objective

; What related words come in your head
when you think about Respecting Humanity?

Topic: Respecting Humanity E16
Mr.Khaled Fekry
: Describe how can you respect
Humanity in Islam.

Al-Khalq (creations)
Al-Insan (Human being)
Bain-Adam (sons of Adam)(Human being)

: copy down the objective

; Write a short paragraph about the importance of Respecting Humanity?

Topic: Respecting Humanity E16
Read the story of prophet Muhammad and Explain the lesson learned from it?
Task 1
8 Minutes
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