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Title Slide

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Maria Ansari

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Title Slide

Common stereotypes of Muslims
Yes, the media has changes people's perception of Muslims
How the media illustrates Muslims
Media persuades mass amounts of people
to think a certain way
Has the Media changed People's Perception of Muslims?
When it comes to ethic and how the media portrays Muslims, it is unethical
It should be an ethical responsibility to watch international news so that you can see what is really occurring, and you can see both sides of a story
Mass media holds the belief that first amendment should not be violated, but media violates it itself

Class readings
Do Media Distort Representations of Islam and Arab Culture?
Maria Ansari
Hopefully people start taking advantage of the access they have to data
Islamic scholars are now on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube (aquila).
Social media allows sharing of faith and dispel stereotypes
media should be more sensetive, they are also strengthening organizations and group positions
Why this topic?
Media pinpoint one group against another for ratings and economic gain
"Fear makes money." (Press TV)
Tendencies to report violent acts committed by Muslims, while violent acts against Muslims under reported(Press TV)
Media addresses Muslim population in two ways: unabashed Islamophobia or slightly subtler Islamophobia.
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