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Life Skills 1 Vegetables

Chelsea Lucido

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Vegetables

Vegetables Life Skills 1 Types of vegetables Vegetables come from different plant parts. What is edible on one plant, may not be edible on others. Plants are classified by their edible parts. Classifications Flowers Broccoli and Cauliflower are examples Fruits Seeds are on the inside of the plant Tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, or squash Seeds High in nutrients, require minimal cooking Beans, Corn, and Peas Stems Tender and need minimal cooking
Celery and asparagus are examples Leaves Tender and can be eaten raw
Cabbage, lettuce, brussel sprouts, spinach Roots Carrots, turnips, radishes Tubers Large underground stem
Must be cooked
Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes Bulbs have fleshly leaves surrounding the underground stem Onions and garlic Buying vegetables You can buy vegetables
Canned When buying fresh vegetables, you should look for: Ripeness-under-ripe veggies have poor texture and flavor
Color and texture- need bright, characteristic color and crisp texture
Shape- Misshapen veggies usually have inferior texture and flavor
Size- Extra-large veggies may be overripe and tough. Extremely small veggies may be immature and lack flavor
Condition- Avoid choosing wilted, decayed, or damaged veggies Buying Frozen Veggies Frozen vegetables hold the most nutrients
Although the texture may be different when cooked Buying Canned Veggies Canned vegetables can be whole, sliced, or in pieces.
Salt is generally added to help preserve canned vegetables. Storing Fresh Vegetables Except for roots, tubers and bulbs, vegetables are highly perishable and should be refrigerated as soon as you bring them home Washing and Serving Vegetables Always wash vegetables thoroughly
Wash under cool running water
Scrub potatoes
Do not soak veggies to wash them
You may need to peel the veggie with a vegetable peeler Cooking Vegetables Many vegetables must be cooked in order make them edible
Cooking affects not only the look of a vegetable, but it also changes the flavor and nutritional value Ways vegetables can be cooked Steaming
Microwaving THE END
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