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The Phantom Tollbooth

An amazing prezi about the Phantom Tollbooth

Logan C

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of The Phantom Tollbooth

Milo (protagonist)
Rhyme and Reason
The Mathemagician
Azaz the Unabridged

The characters are in order of importance
Rhyme and Reason
Milo, the protagonist, is a kid I'd say around 9 or 10 years old. Milo is a finicky child- when he's doing this he'd rather be doing that and when he's doing that he'd rather be doing this again. When a mysterious tollbooth arrives in his living room and he takes trips around the world, he finds that within his own neighborhood there are things worth looking for.

That makes the antagonist boredom, since Milo can never figure out what to do. But the tollbooth fixes all that and makes him interested in things.
The setting in the Phantom Tollbooth is Dictionopolis, Digitopolis, and the time is after school.
Inciting Force
As I already mentioned, all of Milo's adventures start when he finds the mysterious tollbooth in his living room. So that means that the Inciting Force is the tollbooth appearing.
The Rising Actions
The First Rising Action
The Second Rising Actions
The Third Rising Action
The Fourth Rising Action
The climax is when Milo makes it to the Castle in the Air and rescues Rhyme and Reason.
Falling Actions
CELEBRATION! A royal holiday was declared for the return of Rhyme and Reason and Milo, Humbug, and Tock were greatly honored.
After that, Milo, Tock, and Humbug find out that the mission was impossible, but since they didn't know that, they believed in themselves.
Milo heads for Dictionopolis, but gets stuck in the Doldrums since he was not thinking. (By the way, doldrums means a sad and depressing mood; your spirits are low.) Milo meets the Lethargarians who are always wasting time. Then Tock comes into play. Tock is a dog with a clock permanently attached to him, so he's a watchdog. Watchdogs wouldn't want anyone to waste time, so he comes to scare the Lethargarians away. Then he asks for a automobile ride and Milo is stuck with him.
They make it to Dictionopolis! The town's people are having Market Day where everyone sells words. After stumbling across a stand that sold individual letters, Milo meets the Spelling Bee who can spell anything. Then, along comes the grumpy Humbug who gets in a fight with the Spelling Bee about nothing. Soon they have destroyed the poor man's stand and no one can talk right since the letters from the man's stand are all mixed up. Next, Milo gets blamed and is sentenced to 6,000,000 years in jail.
Once in the jail, Milo meets Faintly Macabre, a Which. She tells Milo how a king came and founded the kingdom of Wisdom. He had two sons, Azaz the Unabridged and the Mathemagician. They both argued constantly and each went to found their own cities. The Mathemagician founded Digitopolis and Azaz founded Dictionopolis. One day they had a fight about what was better: numbers or words. So they asked the princesses, Rhyme and Reason, whom their father had found and adopted years before, which was better. Rhyme and Reason solved all of the kingdom's problems. The princesses answered that it was a tie; neither words nor numbers was better. This angered the princes greatly. They thought that meant princesses were useless, so they banished them to the Castle in the Air. This was the last thing the ever agreed on.
Milo goes to a banquet for Azaz for no apparent reason. After the banquet Azaz is sad because everyone went to eat dinner somewhere else. Since Azaz is sad he decides to pass a law that you must eat dinner BEFORE you come to a banquet. When Milo says that's just as bad, Humbug responded that that meant it was just as good and things that were equally bad were also equally good. Humbug thinks Milo should look on the bright side of things. When Milo says that all of Dictionopolis' words are confusing, Azaz agrees and Humbug suggests passing another law. Since Azaz doesn't like that idea, Milo suggest the return of Rhyme and Reason. After some debating of the troubles in getting the princesses home, Azaz assigns Milo, Tock, and Humbug the job of returning them.

I would give this book 5 stars (obviously) because it was my kind of weird. A.K.A. random, cuckoo in the nut, and (at least in books) when something is completely fantastic, in the fantasy way.
The Fifth and Sixth Rising Actions
Some of the bumps along the road
The first town they arrive in is Reality, right by Point of View, and meet Alex Bing, a strange little boy, Chroma, the conductor of the sky, and they see Reality, a place where everyone is in such a hurry they never looked up so their city faded away. Illusions is a place that everyone can see but doesn't actually exist. Only when Rhyme and Reason come back will there be towns "as easy to see as Illusions and as hard to forget as Reality."
Milo and his gang also visit the Valley of Sound where no one can talk.The people of the Valley need Milo to steal a word from the Soundkeeper's palace so they can launch it at the palace, freeing the other words and sounds. The Soundkeeper was really sad but agrees that bad sound is better than no sound. (She took the sounds since she thought people were misusing them.) She thinks things would be better if Rhyme and Reason were here.
Point of View (not the place)
The point of view is Third Person.
Passage Analysis (page 33)

First off I love this paragraph because it is my kind of weird. My kind of weird still qualifies as what it qualified as before. I also liked how Norton used a lot of puns- like in a different part of the book, he said people "jumped to Conclusions", but Conclusions is a place and you get there by jumping.
Anyway, Norton must have been a strange man to come up with this one! And in the first part I can just picture a dog with an alarm clock permanently attached to him crying while riding in a toy car. But this whole book was like this, so I just really liked the book! I thought some of the words were really descriptive and described the book well- overwrought, overjoyed, forever burdened, and officially inscribed. I know "forever burdened" isn’t one word but imagining "watch dogs" "forever burdened" with the wrong name is just funny!

My Review
Nothing is impossible! And when you believe in yourself, anything is possible.
Milo vs. Demon

Milo vs. Boredom

Milo returns home only to find that the Phantom Tollbooth had disappeared for another child's use. Milo is disappointed but he finds that within his own neighborhood there are things to explore!
Thanks to Google images and Shmoop for what the antagonist was.
The Final Rising Action
The group has survived all the way to Digtopolis! They meet the Mathemagician and ask for him to let them go and retrieve the princesses. When he finds out that Azaz already agreed to it, he says that he would never do something that Azaz agreed to. The only way Milo could get him to agree was if Milo could figure out something that Azaz and the Mathemagcian had agreed upon, knowing this was impossible. Finally Milo discovers that the Mathemagician and Azaz have agreed to disagree. This means the Mathemagician has to let Milo go. And so they set off for the Mountains of Ignorance and the Castle in the Air!
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