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Technology FOR Learning: Assessing with Web Tools

A look at just some of the tools that can be used to assess students using web 2.0 tools.

Andy Tyslau

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Technology FOR Learning: Assessing with Web Tools

Assessment FOR Learning:
Using Technology and Web 2.0 Tools

Where Are We
Going Today?

My Goal For You Today...
Clarify assessment FOR learning versus assessment OF learning
Introduce some tools and ideas that you could use in your own classrooms
Generate some ideas for you of what is "out there"
Have some fun!
Don't Dread the "Buzz" Words!
Assessment OF Learning:
assess students at the end of a topic or unit
SUMMATIVE assessment
Tells us what they really understand
Assessment FOR Learning:
assess students along the way / checkpoints
FORMATIVE assessment
Provides a snapshot
This is our focus today
How can we use technology and web 2.0 tool to assess students during the learning process?
What tools can you and I use to make the assessment...
interactive (where needed or appropriate)
practical in my own classroom
What are the tools that are
available to me?

Hot potatoes can be DIRECTLY put into your
Moodle courses!
Allows you to create easy and instant types of
close notes / worksheet activities
multiple choice quizzes
cross-word puzzles
mix-and-match all of the above!
Import HotPotatoes quizzes
Make Moddle quizzes
Create surveys, polls
Forums and chats for collaboration
Tools Already Within
Your Reach
Instant student polling!
great for quick feedback
results displayed in Excel format
waiting is "annoying"
written version for coded kids?
Web 2.0 Tools &
Assessment FOR Learning
"You don't need a hammer and
nails when a thumbtack will do..."
Please feel free to join me
later today in this room to
get a chance to "play" with
these, and many other
Contact info:
Thank you!
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