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The Fault In Our Stars

No description

Brielle McInnis

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of The Fault In Our Stars

The novel consists of two main settings. One is in Hazel and Augustus's home state of Indianapolis and then Amsterdam. Hazel and Augustus living in Indianapolis impacts the story because all they are used to their is hospitals and their normal life. But when Hazel and Augustus leave for Amsterdam they leave everything behind in Indianapolis. All the worries, all the drama, everything. It's like they started over. They both loved seeing the different culture, experiencing different things. It was beautiful, sunny, and warm. They didn't have to worry about treatments or doctors appointment, just the time they were spending together.
This Novel by John Green is written from Hazel's point of view. First person. This affects the novel because it makes the novel more impactful, and as if you were in Hazel's shoes throughout the whole novel. You feel everything that she feels. The novel is very descriptive which also helps picture everything while feeling like your there.
Major Characters
Hazel Grace
: Hazel is a 16 year old girl with cancer who isn't afraid to live life. She doesn't want cancer to define her or what she wants to become. Hazel has a great sense of humor, and always wants to make other people happy and laugh. "Did you dress like her on purpose?... Anna?... Kind of" (page 185). Hazel wanted to impress Peter by dressing like Anna from the novel "An Imperial Affliction" to make him happy and laugh. Hazel doesn't want to know what in or whats cool, she just wants to be herself. Hazel was deeply in love with Augustus and he was deeply in love with her."I'm in love with you" (page 153) & "Maybe 'okay' will be our 'always' ". She always tells herself how much she loves him and that hes perfect in every way. Hazel changes throughout the novel because she because more mature but once she meets Augustus she changes from being depressed into an amazing, wonderful girl who wants to do anything before her time is up.
Major Characters
Augustus Waters: Augustus is a 17 year old boy who has recovered from cancer. He's a boy any girl could fall for easily, "He was hot. A non hot boy stares at you relentlessly and it is, at best, awkward and, at worst, a form of assault. But a hot boy... Well" (page 9).He's charming "Because your beautiful" (page 16), handsome, personality is perfect, and attractive. Augustus always felt like he had to leave a mark on everything he did, he wanted a purpose for everything he did "He died after a lengthy battle with human consciousness" (page 266). He wants his life to be amazing, full of everything he wants to do. He doesn't want this boring life, he wants to make something of it.
Minor Characters
Patrick is the leader of the support group Hazel goes to. Patrick believes a lot about miracles, and god. He thinks that all the children will be okay, when realistically they will probably lose their battle to cancer.
The Fault In Our Stars
: The novel "The fault in our Stars" by John Green is about a 16 year old girl named Hazel Grace who has Cancer. Hazel's mom wants her to go out and experience the world, and have fun. Hazel joins a support group where people suffering with cancer or are recovering from cancer go. This is where she meets, Augustus Waters. Augustus is 17 years old, and charming. From that day on this is where the journey starts. Hazel and Augustus become best friends, their inseperable through everything. When problems start occurring Hazel and Augustus always found a way to fix them and work together. Until one day it gets to bad for anyone to fix.
Why did the author write in First Person?
I think the author wrote the novel in first person because its easier to understand how a character is feeling and what they are doing. Also because he wanted to keep the reader interested by just telling the story by one person and how they feel about everything that is going on.
By Brielle McInnis
Inciting Incident
: The inciting incident in this book is when Hazel first went to the support group and she met Augustus Waters. Hazel and Augustus were always together after that, and their relationship grew so much over time.
Rising Action
: Hazel becomes more involved in the support group where she met Augustus. Her and Augustus get along really well, and become really close friends. It turns out that they end up traveling together till the every end of their journey.
: The crisis is the novel is when Augustus and Hazel leave for Amsterdam. Augustus had one wish from cancer treatments and he wanted to us it with Hazel, so they went to Amsterdam. While they were there they had many problems occur. One making Hazel very upset, and one resulting in them returning home
Climax: The climax is when Augustus and Hazel come home and Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer has come back. Hazel falls apart and realizes that she doesn't have much time left with him.
Falling Action
: The falling action is when Augustus dies, when they return home. His cancer got so bad it wasn't fixable. Hazel felt alone and depressed.
: The ending to this novel is that Hazel is now left without her bestfriend/boyfriend and her life is completely different.
Augustus's Family:
Augustus's family was different then Hazel's. They were more focused on religion and faith. They loved always having Hazel over, they took her as part of the family.
Kaitlyn is Hazels friend, who doesn't have cancer. The girls still talk and hang out but not as much as they used to because of Hazel having cancer.
Support Group Kids:
Hazel doesn't really see the kids she goes to support group with , her friends. She think of them mostly all the same. Their there to get support while they go through treatments.
A theme that would describe this whole book would be "New Experiences". This theme is shown many times throughout the novel firstly one being the support group. "I also should attend a weekly support group" (page 4). Hazel at first didn't want to attend the support group, but if she never did attend she would have met Augustus. Another new experience Hazel had was going to Amsterdam with Augustus. "Trips on... MOM, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" (page 127). Hazel was beyond excited when her mom told her she could go to Amsterdam with Augustus and her. She wanted to experience the world before her life was over. Lastly , this book shows "New Experience" Hazel had was dealing with Augustus dying. No teenager should have to deal with their best friend/ boyfriend dying. Its the worst thing in the world. Hazel quoted " It was unbearable. The whole thing." (page 262). Hazel couldn't believe that Augustus was gone, he wasn't coming back. Her whole world just collapsed and stopped.
Stylistic Devices
This novel has a lot of foreshadowing in it. But one important part of the novel it really shows it. In chapters 17-21 when Hazel and Augustus arrive home, Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer has come back. Ever since that point in the book Augustus's health kept getting worse, and worse and it came to the point where you could tell that you could tell that Augustus was going to die. He ended up dying in chapter 21. This changes the novel because you felt like you knew what was going to happen and you could slowly see it coming and brace yourself for it.
The Fault in our Stars has a ton of imagery. John Green, when he wrote the novel he wanted his readers to be involved and feel like they were apart of the story. He wanted them to feel as if they were in Hazel or Augustus's shoes. He used tons of imagery throughout the novel. In chapter 18 when Augustus calls Hazel in the middle of the night because his G-Tube was messed up, that whole chapter you felt like you were right their beside the characters, being involved in the novel.
A part of irony that stuck out to me was Augustus and Hazel's 'always' they said 'okay'. They never wanted to say always because they both knew that they weren't going to live for long and they didn't want to encourage it. So instead they came up with 'okay'. Whenever they missed each other , ended phone calls or even talking in person they would say 'okay' and it means always. I found it neat how John Green did that, it made me take a different perspective on the novel, of how one word can mean something totally different, then its actual meaning. It improved the novel because it was their "thing" , they understood what it meant and what it was for, no one else did.
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