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Final product

No description

georgia ladbrook

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Final product

Final product
Survey Monkey
Camera and Equipment
I used a cannon camera as it gave a smooth an professional final finish to it. It was the best camera I could use for the pictures of which I wanted to create. Furthermore I used a black sheet as a backdrop so that it made it easier when it came to editing and cropping the photo against a one color background an it did not mix with the models outfit. Furthermore i used 2 soft box lights to light the scene up and create the perfect shade of light for my photos. In addition these lights are easy to change position depending on the type of photo and the model. I also used a tri-pod so that i could balance the camera in some shots and take multiple pictures in that position.
Prezi and E-Maze
I used prezi and e-maze as alternate methods of presenting information rather than just PowerPoint. This enforces my technology and technical skills and shows i know how to use a variety of websites to present information. furthermore it makes it more interesting rather than using the same software for all of my presentations. Furthermore it allowed to make it easy comparisons for my evaluation questions.
Question 6.
Front Cover
Double Page
I used the magnetic Lasoo tool to crop images that were simple and didn't have details such as messy hair therefore could easily and quickly cut around them using this tool
The mouse tool allowed me to move images on the pages and text to exactly the position i wanted it in. This allowed me to follow the conventions on the double page and contents especially of following the grid lines.
The cropping tool allowed me to crop any negative out of my pictures for my contents page
The blemishing tool allowed me to smooth images and get rid of any blemishes after i had cropped them. This hid any blemishes such as redness or spots. this gave it a more professional and top quality finish. It especially helped with close up photos such as double page and front cover.
The eraser tool was my main method of cropping images. As there are multiple sizes you can use with it, it is easy to adapt to suit each different image that needed to be cropped. When zooming in on the image using a small brush, size of 12, made it easy to cut around all hard areas such as messy hair and outfit outlines.
The blur tool creates a smooth initial finish and makes the image look flawless and the photo not as sharp
The text tool allowed me to write all of my content for the magazine, Furthermore it allowed me to create a house style throughout as it allowed me to have the same typography throughout the magazine.
The color selection tool, allowed me to keep 2 colors of which i often used throughout my magazine easily accessible on the side. his allowed me to enforce a house style and brand identity.
The color selector tool allowed me instantly copy any color of which i used in my magazine or pictures and create a perfect cop of it so the shades match perfectly.
I used Survey monkey when doing research for my magazine. I asked questions such as "what shot should my feature article photograph be?" and there was multiple choice answers to choose from. This was really helpful as it allowed me to see what the demographic wanted out of Rhythm, my magazine, and i was able to create that in order to appeal to them.
Blogger is the website of which i used to write updates on post production of Rhythm and keep a log of my progress and development. I used blogger to present drafts and final work for my magazine. It allowed me to communicate in a digital method and more visually rather than purely essay based work.
Soundcloud and Youtube
I used sound cloud in order to upload my podcast as it is a easy form of posting it and it shows that i have a wide range of technological expertise as i am able to use many different forms of websites to present my evaluations. I also used you tube to upload my question 1 and 5 as it was easy for me to upload it from there to my blog.
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